1. H

    Whats the Core 2 Duo selling at?

    Hi, I'm looking to by a new system, but I'm confused about the processor price. I read on websites (, that Core 2 Duo E6300 costs around Rs. 8300 - 8700, but a Lamington Rd. Dealer today quoted Rs.9850. What do you think it could be? Anyone know the latest price and a...
  2. A

    how to play a protected VCD on PC?

    well i have got a set of 3 original VCDs of an old theater play.( i purchased it) But the problem is that, i don't have a dvd/vcd player for my TV and the VCDs don't even get recognised in my Sony DVD writer...plz help... I can't get to the dealer ( in pune) of VCDs...also the cover of...
  3. ashwn_acharya

    Buying a new laptop

    Hi, I am planning to buy a compaq presario v3133au laptop. For some reason, the specification of this model is not listed in the compaq website:confused: . The specification as provided by my dealer is: AMD Turion X2 TL-52 processor with 1.6 GHz. 1X512 MB DDR2 RAM at 667 MHz. NVidia GeForce Go...
  4. montylee

    Zebronics dealer in Nehru Place

    Hi everyone, After searching much i finally found a Zebronics dealer in Nehru Place. Here is the address: JR Infotech Address: 92 Nehru Place (Deepali Building) Shop # 111, Kalkaji, Delhi 110019 Phone: 41395535, 41617939 Hope...
  5. lalu

    viewsonic authorised dealer in banglore?

    i want to buy a new lcd monitor did anyone know the address of the authorised dealer of veiwsonic in banglore? __________ anyone please help me
  6. R

    CPU FSB SPEED Problem.....

    hey friends, i had original Intel 810e Mobo with pentium 3 (1Ghz) processor, but s my mobo was damaged i bought a new mobo but not of Intel its of some unknown chalu company. Earlier it worked fine but from last some weeks my computer hanged in XP & with a blue screen showing FATAL ERROR...
  7. satyamy

    256MB SD RAM Price....?

    I Need New 256MB SD RAM Where can i find it Cheapest......? Wht will be its cost....? Any Dealer u know....?
  8. V

    Quantum SMPS ??

    Hi, I was searching for a Good 400watt SMPS and came across Quantum SMPS that was rated as 450 watts as per the dealer. The model number is 'P4 450SIE24'. Since there was no mention of wattage on the box he relied on the model number. My question is: *Does Quantum really makes SMPS. I...
  9. jz2linkinpark

    Server as PC(price confusion)

    hey doods! now,i ordered a pc a few days ago based on e6400 proccesor,1.0gb ddrII 667 mhz ram,320gb seagate barracuda harddrive,atx xabinet,550 watt smps power,dvd-rw benQ,gigabyte 8I945P S3 mobo,geforce 7300gs and 19inch LG crt. this baby cost me $968,but then,today at work,the manager...
  10. hafees

    Dish TV DTH Problem

    Hi! I purchased the Dish TV DTH one week ago. In the site they said that, with the purchase, i ll get pre activated viewing card (VC). But the local dealer told me that it will take two days to activate the pay channels. Now even after 10 days, i am still stuck with only the free (DD...
  11. S

    Lite-On DVD Writer

    Hey Guys I wanna Purchase the Lite-on SHM-165H6S. I live in Hyderabad can some1 guide me to the authorized dealer in Hyderabad I mean address or contact no will do. Sam :)
  12. nil_3

    Intel blues

    I wish to purchase Intel Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 955 with a Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX. Surprisingly, no shops in kolkata have this product, neither they are willing to bring this. I want to know the name of Intel dealer in kolkata and whether I can purchase this product directly...
  13. TechGuru#1


    What does the LOGITECH z5500 THX 5.1 h spkr sells for (final retail price,not MRP)? My dealer is asking Rs 25,000 for the Item...... Is it worth it for buying.......KNOWINING's a bit OVERPRICED,&mabe available at DELHI,MUMBAI@ Rs21-22000.??? :?
  14. D

    Leadtek or XFX

    Hiya....jus wanted to know if there's any diff in perfomance between card, i'm out to buy a 6600GT...<to all those guys with better gfx cards, BOO>, and my dealer was telling me tht xfx is much better than leadtek.....n xfx also costs i was just wondering....
  15. U

    SD RAM wanted!!!

    i am one of the unlucky ones with a intel 810 motherboard... nd if u guessed it right... no agp slot or more ram than 512 mb. so what i need is 256x2 ram sticks. they are not available easily and one dealer i enquired quoted 2000 rs. per stick for new ones. i heard new ram modules arent...
  16. I

    help for graphic card

    hi guys i m new here , i want to buy a graphic card of about 9000, but i am not able to find dealer who can give me the card at the right price.i am in bhopal . the rp tech dealer here telling me old price. what should i do now . i am thinking of buying XFX 6600gt 128.
  17. R

    Foxconn Dealer in Chennai?

    I am trying to get my hands on the new Foxconn MoBo Winfast 6150K8MA-8EKRS based on NVidia 6150/430 chipset. Anybody aware of a Foxconn dealer or distributor in Chennai? If yes, can i have the contact info please?If you have any experience with a Foxconn product (esp Mobo), please post it here.
  18. K

    ACER Doesn't care for Customer

    The Only thing ACER knows is how to sell cheap computers. Their Marketing network might be good but I would say there is no After Sale support at all ! Their dealers promises a lot when you buy. but once your product gets any problem nobody will help you !. Once you handover your ACER products...
  19. N

    which processor to buy

    I want to buy a processor & a m/b combo on intel platform. pentium dual core or multicore group supports overclocking pciexpress complaint futureproof :?: 64 - bit suggest ..with the price & dealer in delhi. :?: :?: :?: :?: money not an issue.... reply soon at...
  20. A

    need contact no. or e-mail of ASUS dealer at Bangalore

    I need contact no. or e-mail of ASUS dealer at Bangalore.Do they have office at Bangalore?
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