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  • I got a check too... but remember , you will be knowingly gettting money from your friends .. say when i was in ebiz , it was 2:1 ratio meaning 21,000 goes in and you get 1900 Rs check ... also you have maintain this branching only in 2:1 ... if you are good enough , you can make money , same cant be said to your friends .. so knowingly u will putting your friend at loss
    software is crap
    no. ;(
    i have sent an application for a duplicate copy today. lets hope i get it in time.
    i still havent received it and all my friends have. ;(
    nobody is answering the AIEEE helpline(maybe due to ramnavmi today)
    nyways, i will be getting a duplicate admit card from AIEEE office through someone in Delhi. hope i get it in time.
    the game you were asking was HIDDEN AND DANGEROUS DELUXE 1"
    was in digit dvd long time back
    nearly competed this game
    was good for me though
    dont get 16 gb memory card get two 8gb for safety purpose...and if any one of them get damaged all the data would be lost and u wont be able to take any pics at all
    dear mohit...I think u r getting H55 at a very good price...I havent seen any price lower then 10-55...soo get it from there itself
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