Is this connection possible ever?


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I have a UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 wireless ADSL2+ modem/router(provided by BSNL) and also a D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem/router,presently.

Is it possible to connect between the two by the "ethernet-RJ45" cables and the "Phone line cable" ultimately onto the ethernet port/jack(RJ45)to do a net connection?

MAC address of both the above devices are different.

The IP address of both devices(the above modem/router) are also different when connected separately for gaining net access.

If,possible, HOW DO I CONFIGURE TO CONNECT TO THE BSNL DataOne Broadband Network(Plan ULD-900)?

Please answer @Forum Friends...
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Just Disable DHCP Server in the Router which is not connected to the Telephone, this will act as Plain Switch/Wifi Switch


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^^But I have only one RJ45/ethernet port each on the routers respectivly.
It will not be posible for connection between the router/modem ,though I have 2 ethernet cables.


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always follow the KISS principle when dealing with computer networking.what you want to do is completely pointless unless you have a very extraordinary situation.
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