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  • Hey , thanks for reply.
    Btw, I was wondering , if using an External FHD monitor and KB+Mouse will serve the same benefit as if it was a Desktop ??
    I am not much into media and animation stuff so I have feeble idea about this.
    Hope you can help.:)
    Great!Now i cant draw at all..I mean even i bring the pen to the end of the tablet.Its still in the top of photoshop-drawing pad
    Hey i want to know something from u? Techiemaharaj's msi hd 5450 is for sale but he doesn't have invoice? At what price u wana buy it?? Suggest me reasonable price!
    Where else can i find good matte painting tuts(The ones make combining two-three pics) the ones i found.are painted :/
    I put a text,Then added the built in effect..Double Spiral.And my name got changed to double spiral...Many Text effects are giving this problem?Any solution
    Net Worx just works fine but it only tracks the usage done on the PC,not using the wif-fi network.... I play online using my cellphone,so i wanted to knw how much data it consumes.
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