1. sukesh1090

    HD 6670 in PCI E 1.1

    guys i have a motherboard with PCI E will i face any performance or compatibility issues with msi HD 6670 which is a PCI E 2.1 card on installing it in my MB? btw is there any known issues with msi afterburner 6670.thank you.
  2. Cool Comps

    Good PSU at 5.5k MAXXX

    i want a good PSu @5.5k max please suggest i would like companies like corsair i live in kolkata btw
  3. rohanz

    Help needed buying a external HDD

    Hlo Guys I wanted to buy a external portable HDD of about 500gb can anyone suggest me a HDD. Btw my budget is around Rs5000. Thanks.
  4. @

    Android phone btw 22 to 27k

    please help me select a phone.... budget 22 to 27k os android confused btw incredible s , htc desire hd, se neo... i can even go for se xperia arc if its good enough... also should i wait for d dual core processers, i mean when are they coming in indian market,,,...
  5. hahahari

    Need help choosing LCD TV

    I have a viewing distance of 8 feet. I am thinking a 22 inch would do. But I am spoilt for a 32incher. What do you think? I need true HDTV and 1 HDMI port is enough. Help me out fellas. Btw i AM on a tight string when it comes to budget. So help me out. GroupTable
  6. vishalg

    phenom II 965 or 955?

    hey guys :) My friend is confused btw an amd phenom II 965be & 955be As u know the only diff btw them is the 200mhz clock rate but the price diff. is abt 1k! I adviced him to go for a 955( which i also have and am more than satisfied with its perf.) and spend the 1k on ram. Is the...
  7. V

    Connecting ms excel to as400

    Hi, I want to run queries in EXCEL and for doing so I want it to be connected to AS400 with the username and password. Have no clue how and where. Need some help here. I am not so familiar with programming part of EXCEL. BTW i am using EXCEL 2010.
  8. amitabhishek

    Aamir Khan uses Google Chrome in 3 idiots!!!

    I noticed that, good to see use of OSS on big screen:razz:!!! Finally our filmwallahs using something else other than IE6. Just wanted to highlight that. BTW this is a fantastic movie (if you ignore some creative liberties)!!! A must watch!!!
  9. quan chi

    need guide for os.ubuntu or fedora.

    hi friends. i am having 2-3 disk of ubuntu's and one for fedora(came with digit mag:D) for many days.but never tried them. well i have two xp is installed on one partition.can i install ubuntu or fedora on another.will it be safe? btw which one should i try first...
  10. saqib_khan

    Which PSU under 3k

    Hi all, Recommend me the best PSU under 3k. It should be under 3k. It should have 6 pin PCI E connector. I m thinking to buy a graphic card therefore. BTW, I wud be buying 4770. So it requires 6 pin power connector, right? Thnx.
  11. E

    PS3 Games Exchange !!!!!!

    Anyone from Mumbai wants to exchange games with me ????? :-) I am looking for Uncharted Drakes Fortune and FIFA (09 or 08) btw i have Killzone 2, MGS4 and Little Big Planet. :-)
  12. ganeshravi

    CPU cooler

    hi, my stock cpu cooler has gone for a toss(processor: Intel C2D E8400).... am looking for a new one.... could anyone suggest me a good one.. budget max 2k. btw am from chennai... so i would preferably like to know the rates in chennai... thanks in adv.. :smile:
  13. Davidboon

    Happy Holi to all DF members !!

    Its Holi today and i cound not find a single thresd to wish happy holi to all. so i started my own :-D BTW HAPPY HOLI TO ALL !!
  14. Phantom Lancer

    Suggestions Pls ! I Need a Touch Typing Tutor

    Suggestions Pls ! Software for Kubuntu Hi guys, I am looking around for a touch Typing tutor to help me quicken my Typing speed ........ I would like to know which one is considered best for the Linux platform . it would be nice if you could also list out its features . BTW I am...
  15. S

    OLD Games forum

    This forum has been dedicated to old games. Which was ur favorite last gen game BTW. Mine was God of War.
  16. C

    Connecting to the Internet running on a Linux live CD

    I want to connect to the net when I'm booted into a live CD of Ubuntu. Is there any way to do so? I'm using version 8.04 BTW. I'm planning to try installing it using VirtualBox.
  17. M

    wifi query

    hi, i wanted to know can v use two wifi enabled phones(n80 and n81) to transfer some data btw each other?
  18. R

    Help shopping at ITWares

    First of all im sry to bring this up again.many members have told me that ITWares is trustful but im just worried becouse this is mt first online purchase. can any one who has experience shopping with them tell me the procedures? btw im buying a Palit HD4850 Sonic tq
  19. C

    Help Please -- (Rapidshare) --

    Hey, recently started my downloads through Rapidshare acting weird, everytime when I was downloading something from it, it freezed every 5-10seconds while downloading, 2 days ago didn't I have theese problems but suddenly they just came. It's really annoying and I don't know what to do, would be...
  20. george101

    Best vfm mob within 15k!!!

    guys i want to buy an atleast 3.2mp cam fone with great display and gud camera. am confused btw 6210navigator and n78. plz suggest me d best one.
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