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Lots of them... but the big picks are:

1. Chip's challenger - me and my brother had nightmare's of the bugs...
2. Hellbender - gripping music and dangerous missions.... ooh wasn't it that deadly!!!
3. Outlaw - the BEST western game ever, and what a music again!!!
4. Roadrash and NFS2 - good early racing games...


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Sorry if this isn't the place to post it, but seeingas it's an old game it seemed right. Can anybody help me find an old pc game? It's story like was that you were an FBI agent, and it had two different games.
In one of them you had to go into almost a monastery kind of place, and talk to people, help them find items belonging to them to get information, press really badly drawn buttons to open doors, find keys, that kind of thing.
In the other one you were in a kind of party of this rich guy who was secretly training his own army, so you had to kind of ask party guests for info n objects to pass on to others for more info.
The graphics were terrible, barbed wire was basically grey scribbles, bushes were badly drawn 3d more or less circles, buttons were poor 3d circles. It was all viewed from above, so locked doors were coloured blocks.

Any ideas? Sorry it's so vague. Thanks.


My all time fav is Chrono Trigger on the Super Famicom. I went YAY when it was remade for the NDS. And yes, Road Rash was also great on my PSX.


Oh, of course. Chrono Cross too. Great game and awesome music. Cheers to Mitsuda for such nice music!


once i had played a game...ummmm i think TM ....don't remmeber the name.......guys it was jst awesomeee......u had to balst off other cars using weapons in d game.....weapons means REALLY WEAPONS(high class)....if neone remembers the exact name or has d game....plzzzz i m dying for it


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I too want to play a old game that i simply cant remember the title. Its a sort of a role playing game. U play a hacker; u r given missions with objective to hack into remote systems; Initially u r given only a limited set of hacking utilies; But as u progress u can puchase addition ones and also ur skills increase; As u complete a mission u r rewarded money with which u buy ur hacking tools.

It was a good game. The graphics was OpenGL based (It is not a 3D game) and has a dark Interface akin to how usually hackers are portrayed. I had only the demo version and searched for the full game but soon forgot the whole thing until now.
Anybody recognize that game or similar ones then post it.


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^Uplink was one of my all-time favorites. There's a Linux version too, but not free :(
@pritish_kul2 ReVolt? Anyone remember a Re-Volt type game but with miniature planes? Forgot the name.

Some games I frequently revisit are Deus Ex, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Heretic II... great gameplay in all these games. The levels get tougher towards the end.


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^Airfix Dogfighter, yes that is the one I was trying to find. Remembered the name the second I read it. Also, there was a game called SpaceHaste II. Awesome game that was.
betrayal in antara,monkey island 1,2,3,4,tropico,beneath a steel sky,flight of the amazon queen,mdk(love the name murder death kill),Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade,Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,almost all games made with scumm,crusader no remorse and crusader no regret.
I'm disappointed they didn't complete crusader no mercy.


ya i loved uplink , and also i am DROP DEAD FAN of God OF WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr Franchaise , only reason to own Sony Consoles , and this is sParTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa .

btw i liked Road Rash , NFS2 SE , Prince Of Persia 1 , DAVE , Virtual Cop 2 , ROLLCAGE ,and dozons of flash based games , and once i was big fan of GTA SA
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