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  • yeah Happy Friendship Day. and you don't need msg me every time you post something. i am online and will answer your queries in the thread. :)
    ya i bought circle 550 watts +80v pure gaming edition psu.....n i played dirt3,crysis warahead on full highend settiings...and it was god like..performance man..
    Yes, if you play not so good quality DVD movies or normal AVi files (640X288) files they are gonna be pixalated. Download some 720P trailers of some different movies and check it out the quality.
    then, you have wait till evening, i don' have word 2007 at office.
    No idea about ratings. Don't bother about them much. And regarding MS Word, just drag the window to the centre of the screen.
    If you can game for over an hour or more, then everything should be fine.
    absolutely. after boards you will have enough time to devote to computers. by that time some bugs may be ironed out.
    look, i myself have seen 64-bit being incompatible with printers and software etc. so if you don't want to spend time researching and troubleshooting then choice of 32-bit is a no-brainer.
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