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  • not yet. well theres not many holes to route the cable. so have to tie up all the unnecessaty Sata, IDE, power cables. though all the legacy cables used to power fan, light (LED bling, bling) & my DVD writer.
    "btw i am too from DPS"
    gr8 !

    "whats your friend's name ??"

    "which class are u studying in right now ?"
    we are 10th passouts !
    we are in +2 Science 2nd year...
    No problem dude....My router's switch got damaged. It has gone for repairs. I'm on Dial-up. :(

    Perhaps, you are having your exams, if yes, then all the best. :)
    Ask any one about BSNL Office at ballygunj place. MSI office is near BSNL building. I never visited there, just got the address.

    I have got this number: 9339054779, Mr. Marikh
    Call him up once you reach the place, he'll guide you.

    Tirupathi Ent. is a big distributor for many harwares in Kolkata. You can surely get there your piece. Don't know about any price advantages.
    I bought MSI P45Neo F from Supreme IT mall @ 6200/- + VAT.
    If you can go to MSI distributor at ballygunj phari you can get the same model @ 5900/- + VAT

    Palit HD4850 can be found at Supreme but they'll charge you around 400-500/- extra.
    Better go to E-Mall and ground floor, end shop - computer solutions or something like that(watch for DELL/HP laptop showroom).
    They will give HD4850 but they don't have that readily available. You need to wait for 2/3 days because they'll bring that from mumbai. But waiting is worth. You'll get HD4850 @ 8800/-. They gave me that price but I couldn't wait as MSI mobo doesn't has IGP and I didn't have spare GFX card.
    So if you have a spare GFX better give order them and get palit HD4850 @ 9k max. Elsewhere it'll cost you around 9.5k. VAT extra.
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