1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    OpenSuse BSNL config

    am just unable to get it right :( how do i config it neatly DHCP is not enabled btw.
  2. N

    Want a mobile < 3000

    Hi guys i want an second hand mobile which cost not more than Rs. 3000... If you have any, please let me know... BTW, I dont want ngage r ngage QD :) Regards,.
  3. victor_rambo

    I am now on Ubuntu :)

    Hi guyz, I am now on Ubuntu. Thanks to Cool_G5 and Mehul Ved who helped me via Y! messenger! Btw my first hour on Linux has been great, not as hindered as I thought! btw I will be making copies of Ubuntu CD and Fedora DVD that Cool G5 has given me. I stay in Thane. So anybody needing can...
  4. M

    How to edit this particular blogger layout?

    Friends, I recently downloaded a blogger theme from a site (in .xml format). But as shown in image below I cant't edit the circled areas. How I can do so? btw here's the HTML code for this template: * pls help
  5. ?

    2 DVD5 to DVD9

    i had split a dvd9 to 2 dvd5 earlier.... What software should i use to convert them back to DVD9 BTW the data is Video type
  6. victor_rambo

    What has happened Digit June 2008 issue?

    Hi guyz, There is no preview thread. Is the magazine on the stands? What are its contents? BTW isn't this supposed to be an anniversary issue?
  7. hullap

    My blog

    Hi, just started making a blog at soon will buy a domain So need a small review of my site and if anybody wants we can exchange links:D BTW, hows the theme Come om 6 views and no comments
  8. abhi.eternal

    Indian Fantasy League

    * I hope many of us are playing the IFL. So please tell about your team names and your current ranks so that we can who among us are better than Ambani, Mallya or SRK in picking teams with a budget. BTW, my team is info is as follows: Elite Warriors The...
  9. J

    C2d VS amd

    i don c people talkin bout xfx mobos? arent they good nough?:( XFX nForce® 650i Ultra MCP is wat i intent 2 buy,is 650i history??heard the newer 780i and 790i'z r out? btw if m goin 4 Core 2 Duo E6750, i wld like 2 kno da EQuivalent AMD processors 2 .. which is better 4 gamin? btw ny1 can...
  10. ankushkool

    Does 5610 hav 22 hrs music playback?

    Anyone using 5610,i just wanted 2 veriy does phone actually hav 22hrs music playback??? Whats playback time 4 N73? hav 2 decide btw de two... although N73 has a better camara... its de music i n lookin 4 ;)
  11. S

    File transfer in Virtual Box

    Guys,I installed VB today and installed XP and its running too smooth till now but the only prob is that i cant transfer fiels btw my ubutnu partitions and XP on virtual do i do that?? Help wud be appreciated:D
  12. hullap

    My finals

    My finals (NOW OVER YAY) WISH ME GOOD LUCK tomoro i hav my maths in 9th my 1st paper in the final exams.they will end on27th. ill post about my paper 2moro in my blog and here. and BTW im takin a CALCULATOR to cheat 2moro:D :D :D
  13. Gigacore

    Weather Tool?

    Please suggest a weather monitoring app or any docklet, that sits in system tray or the desktop.. BTW... i must support all indian cities Thanks in Advance
  14. New

    Are smbiyan phones slow?

    Hi friends..I am planning to buy Nokia 6233 shortly:p But one of my friends told symbian phones are slow when you use with 1GB card.Is this true? What's the difference btw normal and music edition?U can also suggest some good phones around 8k:D Thank YOu
  15. A

    need new Business Card Scanner

    Hi, I'm looking for a Business Card Scanner for my friend's dad. Plz mention the exact model no. I haven't seen or used ne in i'm noob in this area. BTW He doesn't have a lappy but has a PC.. eg...
  16. G

    nokia N 73 or 73 me

    hi guys, i hav finalized these 2 phones. i'm confused 2 choose btw these 2. in my city (indore) prices of these 2 r: nokia N73 ( wid 512 mb card) : rs. 14.5 k nokia N73 me(wid 2 gb card + hedphones) : rs. 17.7k (widout headphones rs. 16.7k)...
  17. azzu

    Om Shanti Om

    wat do u think about MR.Khan's new film,songs etc.. i like the song AAjab si...... BTW: deepika podukune looks kool :D
  18. anandk

    "Kill Google"

    Kill Google Vol I, II, III !!! * * * btw, i dont subscribe to such views...just posting it here :D
  19. shaunak

    TLD Abriviation help

    does anyone know what > .cc > .ws > .bz Stands for? BTW: .tv is not for television but is a domain name reserved for a country!
  20. B

    diffy btw core duo etc...

    wats the diff btw core duo, core 2 duo, centrino, 64 bit etc etc...
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