1. H2O

    Best Mobile Under 10k

    I am looking to get a mobile under 10k. 1. Budget? Under 10k. 2. Display type and size? Around 5 inches. HD Screen. Would be great if its Full HD, but Full HD isn't a necessity. 3. Dual sim? Not a necessity. 4. Preferred choice of brand? While I am open to all brands, I would prefer...
  2. sidster

    Need a desktop for gaming under 40k

    Guys I'm looking for a gaming desktop. Was previously thinking of a laptop but my budget is not much. Also should I buy a ps4? I'm getting it chea Btw I don't own a desktop as of now. P.S. if you suggest me to buy a desktop, also name the specs .
  3. S

    Need new gaming mouse + mousepad for FPS

    Need new gaming mouse and mousepad under 4K for playing fps like CS 1.6 and COD. Any suggestions. BTW i am a claw gripper :-?
  4. TheLetterD

    Which 27" Monitor should I buy?

    My Max Budget is 20K Ive shortlisted these 2; BenQ GW2760HS (Which btw was the Best Buy monitor acc. to the 1-2 month old Digit Monitor Comparison test) Which is a VA Panel and the AOC i2757fh (Which wasnt in the Digit test but had a good TomsHardware review ; TomsHardware Review btw...
  5. axelzdly1

    I need a serious change damn it! Can anyone help?

    I'm 19 .I think I really need to change my life-style.. My typical day goes like.. I wake up at 11 during my free days and then I start my PC, INTERNET ALL DAY! and go out a few times for 5 min or so.. and I sleep at 2 PM.. = 12 hours avg of computer..isnt that loong? I think most of the...
  6. nikufellow

    Need help budget laptop

    *Budget : Max 37k (can't extent even a bit more) *size and weight 14" or 15" *Brand No preference *primary use Browsing, watching movies, light programming, and would like to play some modern games if possible at decent frame rates *screen type Don't know *Anything else? Confused between...
  7. Ironman

    Which Graphics Card ?

    I should be using Monitor ASUS VG23AH i selected 7950 (7970 too expensive for me) So Acc to many here Sapphire is v.good but which one? BTW: i am not ruling out other Brands If you have a Good Option Just Tell me !:mrgreen:
  8. R

    How to decide on processor

    while analysing a laptop what should be given more importance - processor ,variant or clock speed? considering 4 gb ram. For someone who has been on a hp mini with intel atom processor and 1.8 ghz of clock speed and looking for something obviously better than this (btw i never had any problem...
  9. Ronnie11

    Surge protector required for a budget of 850/-

    Hey guys, i need a good branded surge budget is about 850 or so...need one with 6 connections max...need one which is reliable & last for a long time..pls help...btw i do not own a UPS of any kind...i have just run out of points to fit these additional plugs
  10. vamsi_krishna

    Xperi U thread

    I guess there are few users who are using Xperia U. Lets discuss about the phone here. Btw, any one tried ROMs based on new FXP 201?
  11. Y

    Around 9k Xperia Mini or Tipo

    Which one should i go for 9k? I need better display and graphics? And is it better to go for Karbon or Micromax rather than sony? BTW my preferred set is Xperia Mini :)
  12. dan4u

    Ebay Not Loading Properly!!

    Hi, I've got this weird problem, every website loads properly on my laptop except ebay, it loads perfectly on my desktop, but not on my laptop, the laptops connected through wifi. I tried googling it but found nothing. btw I'm using chrome. This is how it looks on my laptop, I'm missing...
  13. ajaybc

    For all Star Wars fans

    I dont know If you guys have seen this before, but type the following command into the command line / terminal and see what happens :). telnet BTW telnet is disabled by default in Windows 7. You can enable it by going to Control panel > programs and features > turn...
  14. Anand_Tux

    Micromax funbook or iberry auxus

    Hi friends, I am planning to buy a new tablet on my birthday in June. I am little confused which to buy. My budget is around 10k. I have searched a lot and found out two models--micromax funbook(great in popularity BTW here in Delhi) & iberry auxus AX02. . I also have a Airtel 3G data card, also...
  15. 101gamzer

    Halo 4 Stunning pictures

    Hi Xbox,fans eagerly waiting for your favorite FPS Halo's 4 installment in the console here is some thing interesting that leaked today that I want to show you all BTW no information about the release date :confused: So here is the surprise :wink:
  16. 6Diablo9

    What is difference between Socket 1155 & 1156?

    I know that Socket 1155 the latest socket. Both support second generation icore processors. So why should one opt for the latest instead of older one? Is there any performance gain in it? I was planning to buy AMD processor some time ago but decided to go with i5 2400. But I'm confused...
  17. ranjitsd

    Phenom 840 vs 955 be

    Wts the difference btw phenom 840 vs 955 both r 3.2 ghz
  18. maxmk

    Need to buy Laptop

    Hello Guys, I need to buy Laptop with following configuration CPU: i5 RAM: 4 B HDD: 320 to 500 GB Graphic: 1 GB Display: 15" preferred but 14" will work to reduce the cost. Budget: 40K Can you guys please suggest me the brand and model numbers along with your recommendation? BTW I am...
  19. T

    help to choose btw......

    hi guys i have a small doubt u got to clear Actually i had in my mind to get a new mobo like a Gigabyte 78LMT or Asus M4A78LTM but till then my graphic card got smoked and it is for RMA (Sapphire HD 5670) the guy and the service center has offer me a 6750 if i pay extra 1200 so should i go for...

    what is the diff btwm modular & non modular psu

    Tell me guys the difference BTW modular & non modular psu
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