1. Manshahia

    Pinnacle 9.0 vs Pinnacle Liquid Edition

    Wat is difference BTW these?? no one knws??
  2. koolbluez

    Top 5 Most Creative Uses for Old CDs

    Another digg I digged up... TechEBlog has a list of some uses for old cds. Top 5 Most Creative Uses for Old CDs BTW, my old Cds (& DVDs) turn up as paper-weights
  3. forever

    Mouse for Gaming

    im an avid quaker so i need a good mouse , can someone advise any mouse around 1k, currently im on basic ms optical mouse , btw how is MS 1.1 intellimouse , i heard its a good value for money mouse , all suggestions are welcome , thnx :)
  4. T

    Core Solo Vs. Core Duo

    whats the basic diff. btw core solo and core duo processor. Which one is better.. and what is the diff. btw core duo & core duo2...
  5. M

    Fedora Core 5 Help

    Hi I recently installed FC 5 on my system . I am new to Linux and i dont know hot to mount my other windows partitons (NTFS) on it . Can anyone help me. BTW , which player should i need to install to play mp3 , dvd , avi etc .
  6. GeekyBoy

    Who will win the world cup?

    Today's the final challenge for Zizou's men and the Italians. Lets see who wins it!! BTW ,I am supporting France
  7. N


    will enabling SMART option for the hdd in the BIOS help me know when the hdd is going to crash. btw what is SMART.
  8. maharajadhiraj

    LG 4410 VS 6600/6630

    well whch 1 shud i choose? both look equally nice... btw what are their prices in calcutta?
  9. T

    Motherboard CD

    My Motherboard CD got Corrupted. Can I get the softwates and the drivers from their site for free? Or not. BTW my motherboard is Intel 845
  10. nil_3

    Pleae help build my new computer

    I am going to purchase a new computer. I need a good case, a very fast processor(I am a multimedia professional which requires a lot of animationm and video rendering), supporting motherboard, 1 GB RAM, a SATA 120-160 GB Hard Disc, a DVD writer and nothing else. Budget is 30-35k. Please suggest...
  11. T

    suggest me

    hi. I have played MAX PAYNE 1 and 2 IGI 1 FREEDOM FIGHTER WULFENSTYNE SERIOUS SAM 1 2 3 etc now please suggest me some games to play which r like thoese games. BTW my system configaration is not very well ( XP prof 256 ram 2.6GHz Processor no graphics card)
  12. T

    How to know which one is illigal

    I m new in using bitTorrent I found many torrent files which seems to be illigal. How can i know which is illigal file and which one is not? and btw if illigal stuffs can be download so easily why not the bit Torrent is illigal?
  13. rollcage

    Video file converters??

    I have been using ... Aimone Video Converter & No.1 DVD Ripper Suggested by mavericrohan Guyz just wanna know .. Is there better application you have come across or they are good, BTW I have never able to use the unfriendly Virtual Dub Regards
  14. Maverick340

    Clean User

    I want to create a new user on my win Xp machine wherin want to dissable all themes,effects and eye candy. So i was wondering how do i disable y'z dock fro starting up ? rest all is manageble.. BTw if i cahnge icons on my user will it be affected in the other user too??
  15. tuXian

    .:: Wanted Profanity Word List ::.

    I run a site with a forum. Many ppl use filthy language. I want to stop them using Bad Word Filter. But for that using IPB I have to think and enter a word with an alternate. Can someone who owns a forum has a list of bad words or profanities share it with me so that I can implement it...
  16. Charley

    Anybody know softies for locking multiple folders. Freewares

    Can someone lend me freewares for locking multiple folders, so that no one else can view or open it. BTW the folders have GB's of data, so it should be secured properly by the SOFTWARE.
  17. I

    start up issues

    heyy.... id like to know what it means when the green LED comes on but the comp doesnt come on............... the fans n stuff dont come on or nethin..... i think its a mobo problem........but im not sure..... if anyone could help me out............ thanks.... btw.......da...
  18. R

    Firefox problem: Desperately need help

    hi guys, I need help!!! Recently I was browsing on the net and I refreshed by right clicking on the screen and the computer restarted just like that. On starting it gave an error :-Generic host .. something like that As I was using firefox during which this happened it got corrupt. Btw I...
  19. Dipen01

    USB Bootable....

    hi.. just purchased a 256 transcend Jetflash pendrive...had problem making it as a bootable and even couldnt apply password to it.. i mean i need a utility which asks password before accesing the pen drive.... i hope i was clear with my doubt... BTW i got it for 1350 (2 yrs...
  20. tuXian

    Whats this new icon in Yahoo Messenger?

    Yesterday when I had logged in Yahoo Messenger I saw a new star like icon. Does anyone know what it denotes? I am anxious to know about it. BTW the person was either invisible or offline. See it in the pic below
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