1. Charley

    Require a POP UP BLOCKR for IE6

    Only 1 site seems to gimme problems. It just keeps opening popups even after closing and that too every page. BTW its a forum Any softie with a smaller size is appreciated. Pls provide the llink for downalod... Cheers....... 8)
  2. sreevirus

    Microsoft Calculator Plus

    i got to know about this from the microsoft download notification email and this baby aint bad. looks cool, gives u three modes: standard, scientific and conversion and we can import current exchange rates from the European Central Bank from the internet into it. look at some screenshots...
  3. A

    Price diff btw AMD 64 bit 3000+ and 3200+

    * What is the Price diff btw AMD 64 bit 3000+ and 3200+ * Is there considerable perfomance diff btw AMD 64 bit 3000+ and 3200+ * Also tell me how can i get a " Gainward Ultra 1960 PCX GF6600 128MB card" by ordering
  4. Maverick340

    LG LSP-340E

    HI..I connect to the net using the reliance FWP the model no is LG LSP-340E My problem is that it keeps beeping and making noises... Is there any way i can stop it...> btw Y DOES IT MAKE THE NOISES...?????
  5. R

    Help Please Solve my Problems

    Help ! I need to connect 3 computers to each other in my house to play games, which is the cheapest way of doing it I have Nic 10/100 LAN cards, Do i need to by any other hardware if so how much will it cost. Also please tell me which modem should i buy in order to use BSNL's broadband...
  6. H

    Wanted Software for Motorola C350e

    Hi I am looking for softwares for Motorola C350E Model.. if anyone has then and can send me ...then please do so.. BTW if anyone of you uses this set pls gimme your reviews.. ghitesh[AT]gmail[DOT]com Hitesh
  7. M


    hey am i the only one using bittorrent here? if no then can some of u provide me with links to sites that give out the torrents :twisted: ? btw, iv alrdy googled but most of them are movies... i was lukin for music and software... :wink: thanks
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