1. vito scalleta

    explorer.exe restart in win 8.1

    Hello guys. I recently bought a samsung evo 120gb and and replaced the ODD in my laptop with it. I migrated the OS on my C: to the SSD using the samsung migration tool provided with it. and i did not format the OS on my C: . I just changed the boot order from my BIOS and booted into the ssd...
  2. Shah

    Puppy Linux not showing HDD

    I used UnetBootin to burn Puppy Linux's ISO to my pen drive and tried booting it. It booted up well. But, It isn't showing my HDD partitions. Only the USB pen drive from which I booted is visible. I even tried fdisk -l command. HDD wasn't listed in that result too. Any help?
  3. quicky008

    Boot issues with system-need help(urgent)

    today my pc was working fine in the morning,but in the afternoon there was a power failure and so i had to shut it down.After the power was restored around 30 mins later,i turned my pc back on again.Although it did boot,there was no display-my LCD monitor,which was connected to my video card's...
  4. D

    PC won't boot up...No Display etc. etc.

    So today while working on my PC, it suddenly turned off with a BSOD. Error code:- 0x0000001E. When I restarted my PC, it switched on but restarted instantly & then switched on again, only to start a restart cycle. After another two restarts, the PC booted but once past the BIOS Post screen...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Bsod registry_error

    Hello, I have faced this BSOD REGISTRY_ERROR before 2-3 times but on rebooting the PC, everything went fine and I didn't cared to notice the same in detail. And everything went on fine till today morning. But the problem started severely when I booted the PC today evening, everytime after...
  6. toad_frog09

    Start up error.

    Sorry for the lame title, but i couldn't think of anything better. Anyhoo, when I start my PC in normal mode, first it takes around 2-3 minutes to get past the windows logo screen, then starts with a administrative command prompt and nothing else. I've to start explorer manually. This is what...
  7. B

    HDD Going??

    My Hdd gave a BSOD 3 days ago and then 2 of the 3 drives disappeared so i thought my hdd is gone!!. When i booted my pc via Win 7 DVD, the 2 drives were still no where to be found!. I tried to boot my pc via iBoot and i was able to boot windows again, and i formatted the 2 hidden drives, and...
  8. A

    BIOS doesn't let me undervolt..

    Configuration mentioned in siggy. I borrowed a spare HDD from one of my friends today and got my computer up running.. booted into BIOS, and switched to advanced mode.. was checking if everything was alright when I noticed that CPU Vcore was 1.446V and temperatures were 51C in BIOS :cryeyesout...
  9. pramudit

    Avast Antivirus Madness

    This is the second time madness done by my Avast antivirus.. the story is as follows... I was working on my computer and everything was working fine... I wasnt connected to the internet and to remove samsung kies and to make sure it is completely removed, i restored my computer... Restoration...
  10. A

    dual booting

    hey guyz i installed fedora 14 over windows xp. now the thing is whenever i start the pc and dont press the esc key fedora is booted but by default i want windows to be loaded. is it possible?how.. thnx
  11. V

    No Display after Ubuntu install

    My Hardware - Intel Core i5-750 Gigabyte GA-P55m-UD2 Zotac GeForce 9600GT BenQ G2420HD I am using Windows 7 64 bit(Home Premium). I wanted to dual-boot with Ubuntu(latest-version of the 64bit variant).I booted from the USB-stick. I created 2 separate partitions for Ubuntu - One with the ext4...
  12. T

    MSI 9800GTX+ trouble

    i have 9800gtx+ (from MSI) i shutdownd my pc (without any problem) and when i restarted i got these ultra wierd screens (from booting up till windows desktop) i mean i was hardly able to recognize whats going on but the windows booted normally....after that i got start up recovery error.....i...
  13. bijay_ps

    visual basic installation doubt

    Can I install visual basic 6.0 inside Ubuntu 10.10 or Windows 7? Which one is better option? I have dual booted my PC with both Windows 7as well as Ubuntu.
  14. Anish

    Help me choose a *nix OS out of Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris

    Hi friends, As its obvious from the topic, please clear me the doubt about where to start. I am a newbie to these. I've booted with live cd of linux mint, ubuntu and open solaris.. every thing looks the same. I havent tried any thing yet. Just i've booted and shutdown. Don't even know how the...
  15. mati17

    File missing

    Dear Forum, Whenever I start my HP Laptop, following message popup after windows booted : "Windows cannot find the file "csrcs.exe" What does it mean ? Any Remedy ? Thanks !!!
  16. Plasma_Snake

    Accelero Accelerates Trouble

    After a long wait, I finally bought Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 and its Trouble Module too. I also bought MX-2 Thermal paste for the job. I've a MSI R4850 with single slot cooler which ran hot so wanted to upgrade to a better cooling solution. Since I didn't have that isopropyl alcohol...
  17. J

    PC Boot Problem

    I am having P III - 866 Mhz configuration. Motherboard is Kobian 815eFSX with 512 MB RAM. Recently I upgraded the PC with 80 GB drive and replaced old 128 MB RAM with new 2 X 256 MB of RAM modules and upgraded the OS from Win-98 to Win XP. The PC I am using is since almost seven years. Now I am...
  18. iinfi

    linux doesnt acquire IP from DHCP Server

    hi all, i v 3 PCs Machine 1: dual booted with Cent OS and Win XP this machine has 2 LAN Cards and 1 USB to Ethernet device 1 One Lan card connected to Internet gateway via reliance wimax 2 Second lan card connected to a laptop running win xp 3 Third USB to Ethernet device connected to...
  19. GeekyBoy

    Please help(urgent)......possibly crashed HDD

    Today, while I was using Opera to surf the internet, the system suddenly freezed. After waiting in vain for 5 minutes for the computer to respond, I pressed the reset switch. To my surprise, the BIOS did not detect the HDD in POST !!!! The booting process was stuck at the POST screen and after a...
  20. ayushman9

    Help! Vista and xp64 bit is not dual booting

    I installed Windows vista ultimate in C: drive which is my primary . This was a clean install .Previously i was using xp pro 32 bit . Now i decided to install xp64 bit to my H: drive which is a logical one . After installing xp64 booted bit no sign of vista . I had all my imp documents in vista...
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