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  • Hey bro, read that you bought the studio 15 wid the graphics card with few other customizations for the base price of Rs 48k at final price of Rs 50k. Can u say me the exact price diff. between the online prices and final prices that Dell is charging
    hey plasma just delete the offtopic posts in fallout 3 thread. I have deleted mine. Lets clear the clutter. thanks.
    Watch Hinokio and please dont read about it elsewhere or you will ruin the fun.
    Nope I was employed in a contact centre earlier & there is no such thing as vacation.You have certain amount of holidays provided by the company & you can plan your leaves accordingly.Jobs won't be like high school/college.
    Yes I over clocked it via bios setting & saved it, so I can switch over between stock speed 1.86 or 3Ghz as per my requirement.

    Mostly in winter months (Nov-march) I use 3Ghz as heat in summer months shoot the temp up 65-80 degrees as I don't have a 3rd party heat sink installed.
    btw seeder any chance ur on da demon's site;)
    porno advice!!! lol who caught who
    Hi Rudick, i saw ur question on game dev..........Me also very interested in that........R u planning to go into the field professionally?...........Want to talk with u.........
    completed in 2006.. from orissa..did some freelancing after completetion but last year thought i should try to settledown.. thats why took this job..
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