1. A

    Limited Virtual Memory

    Hey guys, recently due to a power fluctuation, i got a system configuration file corrupt(/system32/config/system) and to repair it i re-installed xp over the previous installation and newly i am getting this error message whenever i tried to login --" Limited Virtual Memory. your virtual paging...
  2. naveen_reloaded

    How To run a Program in a SANDOX ?

    i download loads of trojan ridden softwares.. i dont want to take risk.. is there a way i can run them in a virtual environment.. i mean like a sandbox.. which cant affect my system in anyway ... this way if anything happens .. it happens within the virtual space on my pc...
  3. confused

    Need help for setting up virtual OS

    hi guys, i am running windows xp 64 bit. but i have compatibility issues with several programs/drivers. i have heard of setting up of virtual oses to access the internet securely, etc. but in my case would it be possible to set up a virtual 32 bit os, so that i can run apps like turbo C++,etc...
  4. S

    XEN Virtual Machine on OpenSUSE 11.1 [Processor does not support full virtualization]

    Hi i have SUSE 11.1 64 bit, Phenom 9550 and gigabyte 780G motherboard. In one of the hard disk i have installed windows XP. Now when I create a virtual machine for windows XP using XEN it throws "Processor(s) does not support full virtualization". I have booted using the XEN kernel. I want to...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Symbian in a Virtual Machine

    Hi, I am interested in installing both Symbian S40 and Symbian S60 in virtual machines and looking at how they feel under emulated environments (as far as applications and OS is concerned) before going for a Multimedia Phone or a Smart Phone. I feel this would enable me to make a much much...
  6. Rockstar11

    Virtual Barbershop - get a virtual haircut now!

    Don’t have time to visit barber shop? Spare your 2 minutes on your desktop with headphone!!! You HAVE to use headphones for the illusion to work. You won't believe how awesome it is until you hear it. HEADPHONES only! Make sure there is no noise around, close your eyes, play it and enjoy...
  7. pr.itdude

    10 GB file in 10 seconds with dial-up....!!!

    Mike Pronovost, 19, is the chief executive of Powerband Internet, a firm that promises ultra-fast internet speeds even with dial-up phone connections. Moreover, Microsoft is supporting them. "Our software creates a 'virtual desktop,' so your internet connection isn't used to actually download...
  8. C

    Creating an internet connection in VirtualBox

    I've set up a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Now, how can I set up an internet connection so that I can access the net on my virtual os?
  9. S

    Virtual Box upgrade from version 1.5.51 to 2.0.4

    Hi All, I am getting error(pls see attacment) after upgrading the Virtual Box ver 1.5.51 to ver 2.0.4. I first uninstalled the ver 1.5.51 then installed ver 2.0.4. OS is Windows Storage Server 2003 with SP2 32 bit edition. Need Help. Thanks Subhashish
  10. P

    norton ghost 14

    guys i bought ghost 14.0 day b4 yesterday thinking it might help me with the back ups and they gave me a srd with it i hav a 2 questions 4 u i created the image and itz around 5.91 gb i was wondering how to transfer that to a dvd i used high compression ratio even then it was 4.91 gb is there...
  11. S

    Problem with Virtual Hard Disk

    I installed MS Virtual PC 2007 My problem is : How can I access the files of "Virtual Hard Disk"??? Please help
  12. NucleusKore

    Divorce :)

    Source: * A British woman is divorcing her husband after discovering his online alter-ego was having an affair with a virtual woman in the fantasy world of Second Life, media...
  13. saurav_nolakha

    booting through virtual drive

    Is dere ny possible method to boot thru virtual drives...i googled dis one bt cant find ny soln 2 ma prob....plz help me out..!!!
  14. NucleusKore

    Virtual murder, real punishment

    A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her online husband's digital persona has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, police said on Thursday. Read On........
  15. Dr.tweaker

    how to connect to broadband internet in virtual machine

    hi friends,i use innotek virtual box and use 2 virtual machines within it,one is ubuntu hardy heron and the other is vista home host system is win xp professional sp3(genuine),with pentiumd 2.8 ,2gb ram .i have bsnl the problem is that when i used dial up...
  16. digitalage

    virtual box & actual harddisk!!?

    i use virtual box in vista. installed fedora 9 in that. can i use my actual hard disk.. in the virtual version of OS. :confused:
  17. rohitshubham

    very slow xp

    hi] My computer has become very slow though the startup is fast but the computer is very slow i was playing vice city today and the game was crawling . Was this due to the virtual drive as today i mounted the Cd contents on the virtual drive through a NERO imagedrive or i yesterday intalled a...
  18. G

    Help Please!!!!!!

    Help please!i have got a pc assembled this way: intel core 2 duo e4500@2.20 GHz 2 gb ram ddr2 intel motherboard D945GCR x86 based integrated intel graphics windows xp service pack 3 i have got the game command and conquer 3:tiberium wars and it works fine in the tutorial.but when i start...
  19. Nikhilcgnr

    A Team Of Experts Comes Out With A 3D Human Body To Replace Cadavers In Medical Colle

    A group of medical experts, software engineers and structural engineers in Kerala have unveiled a fully navigable, three-dimensional virtual human body called 3D Indiana that could be a substitute to cadavers in medical colleges. The virtual body will also help surgeons perform robotic surgery...
  20. slugger

    Google launches 'Lively'

    Google decides to try a 'virtual experience' Source Lively Website Yet another outlet to live out your fantasy life.
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