1. E

    Good laptop for learning ethical hacking and some android development

    Hi All, Looking to buy a laptop around 40k INR that would be mostly used for learning ethical hacking. Running virtual machines and all. I would also use for it writing books and programming. Which laptop would be a good option.? 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Around 40K Inr...
  2. sam9s

    sam9s VMWare project! powered by ESXi Hypervisor

    welcome to sam9s ESXi VMWare Project! to run all your servers/workstation from one machine sam9s is back with another weekend project, which basically involves creating an ESXi server and running all your servers or workstations from it. What is ESXi … ESXi is an enterprise-class...
  3. S

    Virtual Machine server

    Hi, (disclaimer: I am not a networking or any certified professional. Kindly answer in easy to understand terms ..) Scenario: I needed multiple machines to run old and obsolete software for business purposes, after repeated issues, I got them to migrate to a windows 7 machine running vmware 10...
  4. U

    Need a PC - Budget of 40K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: VMware and mostly virtual server and Virtual machines. One...
  5. TechnoBOY

    Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface

    Smartphones with built-in projectors -- well, just the two from Samsung, really -- haven't exactly been a huge hit so far, but Lenovo thinks it's finally got the right use case for this combination: beaming a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto your desk. Announced at the Lenovo Tech World...
  6. Alok

    Microsoft Hololens VR headsets, or more specifically the Oculus Rift, have really kickstarted (pun intended) the imaginations of developers. All of a sudden, the VR dream that was laughed off as too geeky and incredibly...
  7. G

    VMWare Workstation vs VirtualBox

    Ok guys this is not a direct head to head pro and cons question. I want the best solution for my needs. I have a pretty basic hardware Core 2 Duo E4700, 4 Gigs DDR2 Ram, Nvidia En 8400Gs..Running with Windows 8.1 And i want run Visual Studio in a virtual machine to code(As it installs a crap...
  8. Nanducob

    The Virtual Reality Thread (Occulus Rift ,Google Cardboard,Gear VR etc)

    Hello , Creating this thread ,so that everyone can discuss things related to virtual reality like devices,apps etc in one place :) Although Occulus Rift,Gear VR are said to deliver true VR the Google cardboard/clones are good for someone to begin with.I never thought a cardboard case with...
  9. amjath

    Samsung is making a VR headset for its phones and tablets

    Read more here
  10. snap

    Eve Online virtual war 'costs $300,000' in damage

    Is there a Eve Online thread here? Does anyone in TDf play the game Source:BBC News - Eve Online virtual war 'costs $300,000' in damage EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history All you need to know:The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming more info : This happened on...
  11. D

    Laptop under 45k for Doftware Development

    Laptop under 45k for Software Development 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR under 45k, may stretch upto 50k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainscreen: 15" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Mainly...
  12. Akira

    Oculus Rift: The TRUE NEXT-GEN Console??

    I am sure many of u already know of this Virtual reality system by now, but if you don't-you're missing out on something awesometacular. Well, here's an introduction. Seriously, it amazed the hell out of me when I first saw it. It's still in beta stages, but Youtube already has many videos of...
  13. patkim

    Is host machine safe in case of virus on virtual machine

    As goes this title, in case there's virus on a virtual machine is there any possibility of the host also getting affected? The shared folder is disabled or set to read only mode for the vm. Many times I prefer to try freewares, adwares etc first in vm before doing anything on host os. Thx.
  14. harshilsharma63

    [urgent] Virtual machine not starting

    I had a perfectly working Ubuntu 12.04 VM running in VmWare player with Windows 8 as the host OS. I sent the Ubuntu VM to sleep from the Ubuntu menu (not the suspend option in VMWare Player). When I wanted to resume work, I was unable to wake the virtual machine. I then copied the VM folder...
  15. rohitshubham

    Laptop reboots while using VMWare

    hey, so i thought of using my laptop for creating virtual machines . when i create virtual machines using VMWare Workstation v9, my laptop reboots without any warning. this happens after i power on the virtual machine after creating a new machine and after i select the option in the boot menu...
  16. A

    Can virus affect outside virtual machine?

    When I connect pendrive to the pc, it connect in virtual machine if open, but my question is that if pd connected first of all origional os,then virtual machine,within that short time span could virus enter in origional os? I'm using widows 7 outside and windows xp in virual os.
  17. A

    [For Sale] JBL SB100 SoundBar with Virtual Surround Sound

    JBL SB100 SoundBar with Virtual Surround Sound Manufacturer: Cinema SB100 | Sound bar that offers 3D sound and plug-and-play convenience I have lost the remote, so Bass Boost won't work now. Seller: SMC International Expected Price: Rs.4,500 MRP 9,999 Shipping: @Actuals Reason...
  18. Abhishekrocked

    Do we have to Pay tax separately if we use Paypal ?

    Hello guys i am from india, 19 years of age..... so i am new to all of this things paypal and credit cards things... I want to create a paypal account for selling, buying and receiving money to my paypal. I will manly used to sell virtual items such as the items from zynga games and fifa...
  19. K

    how to use internet in android os in virtual box...its urgent

    Please tell me to use internet in android os in virtual box...its urgent
  20. N

    Q6600 + Windows 8 = Which Virtualization software ??

    Hello, I have been using Microsoft Virtual PC (in Windows XP), then Windows Virtual PC (Windows 7) for last few years. Mainly I use them to run legacy applications and software from previous versions of Windows. Things where fine till Windows 7, as my processor allowed the the default MS...
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