1. S

    Virtual Dub Output File Size (~30GB) [solved]!!

    I tried to convert a 700 MB VCD into avi using Virtual Dub, but the output file was ~30GB in size!!! How to decrease the size???
  2. R

    DJ S/W !!

    I want to try out some new softwares that can help me remix a song... LIVE and infront a jostling crowd ! Like the ones that create a virtual DJ console on the PC ! Live scratch pads are also required (no fun without SCRATCHING :lol: !!) So ........... H-E-L-P :!:
  3. fanatic

    virtual pc issue

    does anybody here uses virual pc?? i got virtual pc trial .. downloaded from microsoft everytime i make a virtual machine .. i get an error "the virtual machine could not be started because there was not enough memory on the host" my pc configuration is 128 mb ram .. windows xp...
  4. N

    SMACKDOWN!2 - Know Your Role -- Platform for game

    SMACKDOWN!2 - Know Your Role Am using Win XP Pro Service Pack 2 on Intel P4 3.80 processor with 2 x 256 mb sdram. The above CD (belonging to my grandson) installs without any problem but on running it gives message : 'Connectrix Virtual Game Station. CVGS requires a Pentiul class...
  5. jamyang312

    where is virtual mempory found?

    please tell me- where is virtual mempory found? in ram or hard disk drive? what is the full form of mmc card?
  6. Maverick340

    Which Codec on Virtual Dub

    I have 3 DVD movies each about 0.99mB. I want to know which is the best s/w to convert it to Avi . Current ly i am using Virtual Dub 1.06.I also have Klite mega codec pack installed.I played around with the codes but i cudnt get any good results.. The audio-video lag was about 4 s..and the...
  7. B

    some windows problems

    hi everyone, well i hav 3 questions: 1)there is a folder on my d drive that just can't be deleted (win says it is in use) or opened.i don't know how it got created.any idea how 2 remove it without formatting the drive? 2) my ebooks folder is huge(around 5gb with countless subfolders) .so...
  8. ramprasad

    Error with php - WinXP and IIS

    Hi I have installed Win XP SP2 along with php 5.0. The installation script has already configured IIS for php extension. I have a virtual directory which maps to address http://prasad/php. I have a php file hello.php in the Virtual DIrectory. When I enter the URL as...
  9. harish_21_10

    using virtual drive for COD2

    I got COD2 yesterday and decided to make a image file of the play disc and use it on a virtual drive for playing the game without the cd...i used cloneCD,it did make an image file of the cd but after mounting the file on virtual drive i am not able to play the game...i get an error saying...
  10. rollcage

    Video file converters??

    I have been using ... Aimone Video Converter & No.1 DVD Ripper Suggested by mavericrohan Guyz just wanna know .. Is there better application you have come across or they are good, BTW I have never able to use the unfriendly Virtual Dub Regards
  11. A

    virtual memory too low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi!while playing some games in win xp(e.g.-hitman2,007 nightfire),the game suddenly stops and i recieve a message 'virtual memory too low'. why does this happen???????????? im running on pentium4,128 mb ram.please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Maverick340

    Virtual Dub Problem

    How do i rectify this problem??
  13. Curious Guest

    Virtual Floppy Drive v2.1

    Virtual Floppy Drive v2.1 This is a virtual floppy drive for Windows NT / 2000 / XP You can mount a floppy image file as a virtual floppy drive and directly access the contents -- view, edit, rename, delete or create files on a virtual floppy, format a virtual floppy, launch a program on a...
  14. A

    Virtual Drive- How to Make More Compatible?

    I have installed alcohol 120% to make virtual drives. But before that, I had installed few software (say, Medical Text books in CDs) that require CDs normally. Since I installed the software from the real CD drive, now the software don’t open,(though I have it on the virtual drive...
  15. a_medico

    <HELP> Please suggest a Virtual CD Drive

    i need to install a virtual cd drive. There are these couple of softwares i use which pi** me off by asking for CDs every time i want to use them. Just copying the CD contents on HD doesnt work... So i am looking for somethng like this :- VIRTUAL CD seems very big. almost 33mb ...
  16. T

    Virtual Cd

    I would really want to know the mechanism of virtual cd.Also i would like to know does it corrut certain files like pci.sys ?
  17. praka123

    Timidity++ for midi play

    :D Hello I'm using RHEL4 on a intel 915GAV with no external MIDI.So i referred web and learned that i need virtual midi enabled for playing midi, installed timidity fc3 how should i configure virtual midi?somebody successfully playing midi using snd-virmidi module?help if u...
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