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  • Hey naveen

    i saw ur comment on ebiz
    here a frnd is showing me a check f 2000 he received what about u

    it maybe a company's strategy to start paying in initial and then once it become famous in some part of the country then hold payment

    what about the software course they promised 2 u was it any good??

    i created TDF toolbar

    pls give feeback on it if intrested
    Hi Naveen,

    I was going through some ps3 articles and i found your article on ps3. It was awesome. I bought ps3 on this 9th. Can u help me with some doubts. Also we can be friends on psn.

    Thank man.
    hello naveen... i have some urgent questions to ask u abu my new pc that i'm going to buy tomm, can u give me ur IM address so we can chat? i won't take up much time
    You recently posted your screenshot in some thread which had some antivirus check test.
    I saw the theme you had used and liked it very much. So could you tell me which theme you had used and the set of large icons.
    hey whats ur PSN ID... my psn id: prakhar...
    add me if u want to play fifa09,gta4,etc....i am from delhi...
    Try the Reliance Regular savings fund. Or other equity based funds.
    But my personal advice is these days the markets are very volatile- if u need the money in the near future, try some "GILT based funds" or "Debentures". That ways 10-12% returns can be safely earned.

    You won't believ it, am doing CA final but most of my frnds are investing only in Fixed deposits, since the low rate of 9-10% is very safe :)
    Hi buddy- dunno why i can not post replies at the forum rite now.. You asked abt that site Fineindia. I'd personally request you not to invest there and also tell ur frnds to stay away from it.
    Also pls note that if some of your frnds want to invest a small amount into equities, they may try any of the equity based mutual funds- these funds have better managers than the newly established companies and the main thing is they are safer.
    I gues nobody would want to lose 10k for the uncertain earning of 1k per month.
    Cya :)
    hey where can i find about EVDO card?
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