1. Cool Buddy

    Installing Chrome OS on Virtual Box

    Internet connection issue on Virtual box (Installing Chrome OS) I wanted to try Google's Chrome OS. Even though it is a live CD, since I do not have a DVD drive, I could not boot using the image file. So I thought I would try it on a virtual machine. i downloaded Virtual Box for this purpose...
  2. quicky008

    Cannot run ubuntu linux using Vmware player!

    Today I downloaded the newest version of Vmware player and attempted to install ubuntu linux 11.10 (32 bit) as a virtual OS via the option named "create a new virtual machine".The installation commenced in easy mode by default and I allocated 6GB of space for ubuntu on one of the partitions of...
  3. gdebojyoti

    How to create Virtual world?

    Currently there are a few virtual world websites, like SecondLife, EntropiaUniverse, IMVU, ActiveWorlds and Kaneva. GoJiyo is also such a site - an Indian venture. My question is - how are such websites created? Is there any tutorial? An overview regarding this will also help. And where...
  4. W

    best free virtual drive software(has virtual media feature)

    i was trying to create a windows 7 system repair disc on a laptop with non-working dvd drive & thought virtual clone drive would take care of the problem.however i found out that windows only recognize physical drives & failed to recognize virtual clone drive probably because most such drives...
  5. T

    unknown problem

    i installed lightworks 11.. Now whenever i open it i got a pop message like this "virtual address space is 2.0gb. please use /3gb /userva2900 (or bcdedit /setincreaserva 2900) option for optimal performance" and error message by lightwork "failed to initialize".. my config is core2duo...
  6. D

    Does a virtual RAM through pen drive is better than page file ?

    I have a 512 Mb RAM only........ tat's too sad to hear. Well the problem is my pagefile exceeds over 1gb sometimes while using some stuff... and makes my system a handicap for a while which is very annoying. So the question is is there is any way by which i can decrease this LOAD by using...
  7. A

    Virtual pc installation problem.

    Hey guy's I try to install windows 8 consumer preview on a virtual PC I use VMvare for it the setup start normally & its actually 10% complete but the power failures crash the installation now I am facing one problem here, I retry to install windows 8 on virtual PC but it gave me the error "your...
  8. A

    using virtual box

    Can anyone tell me about intel vt-x and how to enable it? I tried to install "win-8 consumer preview" in virtual box but it said vt-x is enabled but not operational. The OS might not detect 64-bit environment. How to resolve this problem? My laptop specs:: sony vaio VPCEH28FN win 7 HP...
  9. A

    Installing mac os X on laptop

    Can anyone tell me how to install mac os on a laptop(other than apple's product)(may be in a virtual machine)? My laptop: sony vaio VPCEH28FN windows 7 home premium intel core i5 2430M, 2.4GHz RAM 4GB Graphics 512 MB N Vidia Ge force 410M Virtual box 4.1.14 p.s. I don't have access...
  10. aaruni

    Snow Leopard on Virtual Box

    Hey Guys, can you please suggest a way to install the client version of OSX 10.6.7 on virtual box 4.1.16? As the virtual machine boots into the installer screen, it asks my language and then it says "Mac OS X can not install into this system".
  11. Vyom

    Paragon Virtualization Manager 12 Compact (English) - Free for a little time

    Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Paragon Virtualization Manager 12 Compact (English) - Enjoy the benefits of virtualization without being too technical with Paragon Virtualization Manager 12 Compact! Visit the link above to get this awesome piece of tool. Time until the...
  12. CommanderShawnzer

    [Help this N00b]how to install fedora 16?

    how to install fedora 16(the one given in some digit dvd) as dual boot/or in virtual box ? ive tried burning an .iso image into a CD ,also extracting to iso's contents and then burning to another cd but still in oracle virtual box i get this error what am i doing wrong here?please help me on...
  13. phantomfreak

    installing bt5 r2

    hello thinkdigit forum..can anyone help me out in setting up backtrack 5 r2 on a VIRTUAL BOX ??
  14. ramakanta

    memory information

    please learn me the detail of Virtual memory And Page file in windows. also what is the different between page file and virtual memory. what is the purpose of these memory. thank you.
  15. S

    i5 or i7 on lappy, screen resolution

    i am not able to decide whether i should get i5 (2 cores + 2 virtual cores) or i7 (4 cores + 4 virtual cores) for general purpose matlab, photoshop cs5, and similar cpu intensive applications. the main question here is, is it really worth spending money in i7 (around 4-5k more) than i5 also...
  16. prttal

    Virtual Router

    I want to use my laptop as a router. it has a network card. I know it would be better to buy a router but for the time I want to use my laptop. I tried Connectify but I want a free(really free) where I can choose the security type also ie WEP or WPA. I want to make a virtual connection not an...

    Headphones/headsets (1-2.5k)

    Headphones/headsets (3-3.5k) i changed my budget its now 3-3.5 k. im looking at razer electra. any one using those??? how about virtual surround,gamecom 777, how much do they cost??
  18. gagan007

    Sub-Domain using Virtual Directory

    I have a hosting account at Arvixe, obviously Windows hosting. While signing up, I didn't know (as there was no way of knowing it) that they have a limitation of 6 websites (even this was ok) but each sub-domain also counts as a website. I am hosting 3 sites of my own (2 top level domains and...
  19. Gaurav265

    Urgent.. How to set up internet in android os in virtual box

    Hi guys, first i install virtual box in windows 7 then install android os in i can acces android os desktop but i cant able to use internet connection. I connect my pc to internet by nokia 5230 (dial up) but i cant use this connection in virtual...
  20. R

    virtual box (printer port???)

    i have installed ''virtual box'' developed by oracle in my windows7-ultimate OS. I have been running windowsXP in that virtual box. I have a scanner which is to be connected to the scanner/printer port of desktop. the scanner is not USB compatible as it is old model. So i want to use this...
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