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Building a Server - Windows or LINUX ???

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Gracias Senor
Hello Guys..

Finally settled in Delhi, got a Vodafone connection(But not yet activated).

Here goes my query.

I need to set up a IT Infrastructure in my office. Like a database or Server. Also I need to setup a Virtual connection of some sorts, where my office people in other states(branch offices) can connect to my server or database.

1. Which platform shuld I go for, Windows or LINUX??
2. Security is a MUST. Hardware or software firewall??
3. What type of virtual connection can I opt? Eg. VPN
4. What should be the system configuration if it needs to be acting as a Server or database?

Second query is, I need to convert some XLS files to XML. How to do this, I googled but couldn't get a right answer.

Help me out guys.

T i A


18 Till I Die............
Firstly, you haven't mentioned the type of usage to gauge your requirements.
Secondly, no mention of budget constraints.
Thirdly, it's much better to get an expert to do this, though it may cost higher initially but it will work better in the long term. Determining the factors and evaluating them and suggesting the right mix can only be done by experts after through analysis.


Gracias Senor
Usage - It will be used as a database, storing XLS or XML files in it, 500 files a day.
Also our branch offices all over the world will be accessing this single server or database to get the files they need. Here comes Security a MUST.
Cost - Not a contraint.
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