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  1. anshul

    Virtual Memory too low!!!

    My friends laptop is experiencing a new sort of problem. Whenever we install AVG antivirus, it works fine.But the moment we update it and restart the laptop, it becomes crappy slow and gives the warning "Virtual Memory too low". I tried increasing the virtual memory from default value to...
  2. iMav

    Setting Up a Virtual Machine using MS VPC

    As always nothing good to do so thought of looking around whats new from Microsoft for a normal PC user like me and I remembered I had downloaded MS Virtual PC but never actually tired it as my old horse cannot handle a virtual environment efficiently but what the hell if it can run Vista it...
  3. ComputerUser

    Virtual Box Problem (???)

    I created an XP cd using nlite.When I install it in Virtual Box, it copies all the files in the text-mode based installation and when it restarts it jumps to the installation of XP!!! It does not ask for any key,regional options, etc,!!!It doesn't collect any information at all,but still...
  4. chesss

    virtual pc 2007 question

    hey i have configured virtual pc 2007 with vista basic as host system and windows xp as guest. i.e installed vp on vista, then installed xp in vp. Everythings working great! the only problem is sound. My laptops soundcard is faulty, so i use a usb soundcard. how and where do i specify in...
  5. digit i am thinking

    Abt virtual Memory?

    Is increasing Virtual Memory improve the performance of system and specially Games? Is Virtual Memory uses the C drive space?:confused: I have 2GB Virtual Memory max size is 4GB. What should i do?
  6. R

    virtual pc copying files?

    i have installed virtual pc 2007 on vista home. i have also installed vm additions also. but still i am unable to copy files between guest (xp) and host (vista) os. also is it possible to get usb support on virtual pc 2007. if not any other virtual machine software that has usb support.
  7. M

    Getting a error msg the "Virtual Memmory Low" -reg

    hi mates, well, i m in trouble while downloading with my Lappy - LG Xnote RD400. that, i havint maid any partition in my 160gb HD. and having 1gb ddr. i used to dwnload a lot of study meterials frm net. now my HD got filled 90gb out of 160. now, whenever i am trying to download some...
  8. coolpcguy

    Enabling Accelerated 3-D for a Virtual Machine

    Found this piece of info while reading VMWare's Online Manual: To enable a virtual machine for accelerated 3-D 1. Choose a virtual machine with Windows 2000 or XP guest operating system. Note: Do not enable Direct3D on a virtual machine that is powered on or suspended. 2...
  9. N

    "Virtual Server Setting" on HUWAI SmartAX MT880

    how to configure "Virtual Server" on HUWAI SmartAX MT880 through admin console of the SmartAX MT880 of (which is provided by BSNL)???...
  10. RCuber

    Virtual Machine

    Hello guys, I need to setup a virtual machine in my fedora 8 installation. Basically I need to install XP as a virtual machine. I also need to transfer data between the host OS and to the virtual machine... (network). Im not sure where to begin :(.
  11. N

    GPRS Radio for n-gage?

    Hi friends. Activated gprs on my n-gage qd. Can I have radio through it? I installed virtual radio, but it says dns lookup failed.
  12. S

    How to create virtual drive using Nero?

    Hi friends, How to create virtual drive using Nero?
  13. A

    how to remove virtual drive that is created by alcohol120%

    I installed alcohol120% trail version . Later i added crack to it to make it a full version. Later when i uninstalled it, the software still remains and works properly. I later deleted it because it was not there in my add/remove programs. But i was unable to uninstall the virtual drive it...
  14. Batistabomb

    What is a VNC Server

    Guys does anyone has an idea why we use an vnc (virtual network computing) server
  15. nvidia

    Linux on Virtual PC

    Hi, I have Virtual PC Is it possible to install Linux on it?? I've been trying to install Open Suse and Fedora but it just doesnt work. The installation seems to hang somewhere in the middle...:mad: How can i make Virtual PC run Linux OSes? Is there any other software like VPC which...
  16. CadCrazy

    Three-dimensional models pop up on Microsoft Virtual Earth

    Microsoft has launched a preview of "Virtual Earth 3DVIA", a new addition to the software giant's online mapping service that lets users create realistic 3D models. The new platform comes as the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Dassault Systemes, a company that has been...
  17. I

    combing three cd's

    i have 3 cds of encylopaedia...i have made iso files from these cds ..now i want to combine them to run as one cd form virtual cd rom because it shoud not ask me disks again and again.plz help me.
  18. almighty

    Ubuntu on Ms virtual pc????

    Hi mates... Today i donwload ubuntu and wanna try once, but coz am new to linux don wanna to mess my pc ... so for precaution i wanna install it on virtual pc.... i tried to install on virtual pc with default mode and without graphic mode while installing without graphic some set up runs...
  19. Chetan1991

    Need a free virtual drive software

    Guys, I want a small & free virtual CD mounting software which can mount iso images etc.
  20. CadCrazy

    Virtual Desktop(as in ubuntu) software for windows

    Any good software for virtual desktops as in ubuntu ????????????
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