1. dreams

    Building a Server - Windows or LINUX ???

    Hello Guys.. Finally settled in Delhi, got a Vodafone connection(But not yet activated). Here goes my query. I need to set up a IT Infrastructure in my office. Like a database or Server. Also I need to setup a Virtual connection of some sorts, where my office people in other...
  2. Kenshin

    Virtual box problem

    I installed virtualbox in Ubuntu hardy, created a virtual machine, whenever i try to power it up it gives me the following error I am not understanding the problem, please help me out guys..:(
  3. lalit_ngp

    leopard on vista using virtual box!!!!

    can anyone has info for running leopard virtualy on windows based os using virtual pc or virtual box or vmware.......... i tred all but not working with leopard.....
  4. thewisecrab

    Need Help in Virtual Box (Warning:I'm a Linux noob)

    Hi Guys I was not too keen on making the switch from Windows to Linux Still I want to check it out I have decided to use Virtual Box I have the Digit DVD with Mandriva One 2008.1 Can you'll tell me how to install it on a Virtual Drive? I googled only to find Virtual Box on XP with Ubuntu
  5. satyamy

    Can I install Same Windows in 2 different PC using Norton Ghost ?

    My Friend has 1 PC Intel Dual Core 1.8, 945 Board, 1GB Ram, 80GB HDD (having 4 partitions) Running WinXP and Some Softwares and also running Win98 (using Virtual PC) He installed everything on C Drive and saved data of Win98 of Virtual PC on D Drive after this I made a Backup Image of its C...
  6. quan chi

    does changing virtual memory affect the system.

    hello friends. well for this problem * searched the net and in one forum one of the person there mentioned that changing the virtual memory made some improvement in his system. therefore i changed my virtual memory in 'c' drive...
  7. satyamy

    How to get data from Virtual PC ?

    I was having a PC in which Vista Was installed and I have used Virtual PC to Instal Win98 in it due to some reason Vista got corrupt now the files of virtual PC (VP) is saved in D drive of around 400mb I have created 2 drive in VP C and D and I have save some files inside in Win98 in VP in...
  8. cpyder

    Wierd Internet connection problem. RediffBol conects and nothing else!!

    My comp has started a funny problem. I have a DataOne connection. It was working perfectly fine. And then one fine day, no web pages would open. Gtalk / yahoo msngr would not work.. No other communication to the internet.. except.. RediffBol!! I could connect using virtual machine running...
  9. M

    How to save in Virtual Tennis 3 ?

    Hi Friends, I installed Virtual Tennis 3 ( SEGA GAMES ) on my PC. When i started to play game......i was shocked to see that there is no save option in main menu........but there is option to load from hard disk. What this is all about? how to save game in VT3 ? Plzzzzz plzzzz...
  10. S

    FreeBSD- how is it?

    Today i bought the digit and found that FreeBSD and PClinuxOS07 were provided this time.Then i googled for BSD and found that BSD is quite a powerful OS! I tried to burn the ISOs(3cds) but there was some prob so cudnt burn. Can u guys tell me where i can find a DVD ISO for FreeBSD 7.Also which...
  11. S

    File transfer in Virtual Box

    Guys,I installed VB today and installed XP and its running too smooth till now but the only prob is that i cant transfer fiels btw my ubutnu partitions and XP on virtual do i do that?? Help wud be appreciated:D
  12. grendel

    CubeDesktop - 3D Cube Comes for Windows

    Finally .. windows users can take similar features offered by Compiz-Fusion. I used this, still needs work on render quality but the performance is good enough. no need to restart works instantly. The trial is for 120 minutes :| CubeDesktop
  13. narangz

    Microsoft Virtual TechDays

    Microsoft Technet & MSDN present Microsoft Virtual TechDays. Its an event by Microsoft India for developers & IT professionals on April 9th & 10th to explore Visual Studio 2008 & SQL Server 2008. Watch it LIVE online! For more information please visit: *
  14. C

    VMWare Workstation ACE 6.0 help on Networking

    Anyone help please, I have installed VMWare Workstation in my PC:(WinXP SP2,HDD:80GB,RAM:1GB). My purpose is that I want to use internet in my Virtual PC. So how to configure my host PC and my Virtual PC? My VMware Workstation version:6.0 my host PC info: IP:
  15. PCWORM

    Problem with TurboC

    When i try to open TurboC app on my PC,,it gives the following error message: C:\TCEXE~1.PIF C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1.DLL.An installable Virtual Device Criver failed DLL initialization. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.
  16. neerajkumar_4

    OS hungry kya??

    guys plz help!! My OS drive is eating lots of bytes dunno y :( My Xp drive is 14 GB and files inside it are around 9.3 GB but the free space it says its 1.3 GB. My virtual memory is set to No paging for the OS drive , i've set 4GB for one of the other drives. But when im in the...
  17. gauravsuneja

    i installed leopard on virtual box see the screenie

    <a href="*" target="_blank"><img src="*" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a>[img=*]
  18. INS-ANI

    Virtual machine driver

    hey i got a problem.. my machine is inspiron 1420, vista basic. I installed XP professional on Virtual machine 2007. Now, i have got a DVD of drivers from dell, will it work with the XP? or where else can i get the rquired drivers for dell. I urgently need to install USB drivers.
  19. I

    Suggest virtual printer

    i need a virtual printer softwares which convert my HTML documents to PDF,text,gif and word annd vice versa...thanks in advance.
  20. Gigacore

    Real vs Virtual World

    Virtual World Real World
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