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  1. R

    Problemo with Booting

    I can't boot anything other than a FEDORA based DVD or CD or Vista. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Error messages: Linux: .Can't access tty; job control turned off. .Can't file file $$$$$ Windows: 'The blue screen' pci.sys base at 0x0000000f .......... Any ideas????
  2. tech_cheetah

    An interesting problem

    When i connect motorola s9 over bluetooth to my w580, it works fine. I tried listening to radio - connected the handsfree cord ,which acts as radio antenna and simultaneously connected s9 also. But the sound got pumped into the cord instead of s9 :-( Then i turned off radio and turned on...
  3. m-jeri

    My 5 day old XBOX360 showing 3 RROD Please Help Me....

    I got my 360 just 5 days back .....altogether i may have played abt 2 hrs.... yesterday i just switvhed it on and it showed the RROD once... I restarted it agin ...it turned on.....after 10 mts....RROD again..after that many time i turned it on....it still have it... :-(.... help me...
  4. amit2005

    LAN Problem

    hi ....I'm using dataone bb with mt841 modem...me n my fren r able to share the net connection..but we r not able to share files b/w ourselves......i'v tired everything...in work group computers ..on my pC only my PC is displayed ..while on his pc his is shared folder r displayed..but we r not...
  5. K

    digital camera

    i have a Nikon Coolpix 4600. I turned it on and it said "Warning Batteries Exhausted" and it turned itself back off. THen i put new batteries in it and it wouldnt turn on. I have bought 3 news pack of batteries thinking it was the batteries. but clearly its not that. If anyone has any ideas...
  6. gurujee

    how to enable JAVA ?

    One of my friend may have disabled java . youtube video are not opening. How to enable it ?????:( this is the msg i am getting "you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player"
  7. R

    help regarding harddisk problem

    Hello friends, my pc is about 3 years old, it has 2 ide hdd 1=120 gb samsung pata-master [2 years old] containg xppro 2=160 gb samsung -slave [1 year old]for data storage everything was working fine,also smart is not saying anything then previous week i had to go outstation[so turned...
  8. quadroplex780

    Vista X64 is better for Gaming than Vista x86 for people with 64bit cpus

    Hey guys, Yesterday me and my brother got our hands on Windows Vista Ultimate X64 and installed it on the following config 1.VGA-XFX geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB 2.MOBO-P5N32E-SLI(680i SLI) 3.Soundcard-Supreme FX(ASUS) 4.RAM-2 GB Dual Channel 5.Hard Disk-250 GB Sata Seagate 6.DVD writer-Sony AW-G170S...
  9. davinci

    Help me with Rapidshare!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hav tried may leeching softwares but everything failed.Rapidleecher v5, Rapget etc failed to download even 1% and Rapidown although downloaded the files, all of them turned out to be corrupted.Pls tell me what to do/I need a software that can download from rs many files simultaneously. Pls hlp
  10. R

    about bluetooth security

    Can anybody control our mobile through Bluetooth if we keep the bluetooth turned on. Recently while I was transferring a needed file to a friend's mobile in a local train, suddenly out of the blue, one file peeked into my mobo asking for permission to be downloaded. Of course, I turned down...
  11. soumya

    Cannot write...

    Guys, I cannot write anything using my dvd writers (desktop and laptop). They are both giving me the same errors, namely power calibration error and cannot perform fixation. I have tried using different media and uninstalled/installed the dvd writer but to no avail! I have even turned off the...
  12. seriuslyblack


    i recently had a check at my task manager n found d above process run by my username... i immediately searched for dat in www.liutilities.com n it says its a worm or sumthng which can allow attackers to steal passwords n personal info... i downloaded d latest updates n definitions for Ad Aware...
  13. Pragadheesh

    system not turning on..!!!

    hi, i recently brought one of me fren's sys as he(hostelite) is going home... after doing all d connections d system s not gettin turned on.. i.e d monitor not gettin turned on.. instead 3 beeps as soon as i press d power button:cry:.. donno wat went wrong..!!! any help plz...
  14. forever

    how to schedule a shutdown?

    hey guys, im in need of a solution that would shutdown my pc at a time which im able to set, i mean like i let the pc running for downloads at night so prolly i want them to be turned off by like 5am so if there is any way to automate the process then please share with me, thanks in advance :)
  15. 56561

    Optical Drive Blast. Pc Not Running . Please Help

    Last night suddenly an explosion occured inside my pc and it turned off . i had LiteOn DVD writer . i understood that something occured inside it . when I turned it on the PC LEDs turned on but nothing loaded , i opened the optical drive...yes the dvd turned into 1000 s of fragments . what...
  16. yash

    Laptop turned off after plugging in printer

    I am seeking this info for a friend who's compaq laptop turned off immediately, without any sound or any burning smell. The printer connector had barely touched it. I tried removing the battery and placing it back again, checked the ac adapter and chords... I know the daamage might be beyond...
  17. patkim

    Cracking sound from PC Speakers

    I find that my PC Multimedia Speakers (L+R) have started giving noise / cracking sound whenever any electrical appliance is turned on/off. I believe the speaker amplifier circuitry seems to be picking up some RF interference. If I directly connect headphones to line out no such sound is...
  18. S

    Black turned green.

    hey everyone, the black color on my monitor has turned green and it looks too bad. Can anyone help me???????? im using samsung samtron CRT.
  19. anandk

    the email has just turned 35 ...

    BELIEVE it or not, the email has just turned 35 on 25/11. IT programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first message in late 1971. "The test messages were entirely forgettable and I have, therefore, forgotten them. Most likely the first message was QWERTYUIOP or something similar," he says...
  20. rockthegod

    F.E.A.R Extraction Point

    Just downloaded and completed playing this demo. To say the least it is a very short but an excellent shooting experience. Some things which I have noticed: ** The Violence have been revved up. Now the game is and feels more violent than before. Can be termed ultra-violent. :) :) ** The...
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