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  1. deep_eck


    I am using Winxpsp2 fully audated edition, i used to update Pc time to time.i am using Mcaffee Antivirus and Firewall. .......The problem is....one day i was playing Yahoo pool and suddenly my pc freezed, and internet connection terminated, after 10 min. it recovered from attack. Thn i turned...
  2. eagle_y2j

    Wat had happened to by Firewall!

    hi to all from past three days my PC with Win XP sp2 is behaving strangely on start up a popup pops out saying firewall is turned on and status of antivirus ok but after some seconds another popup says no firewall is turned on and when i try to enable it there is an error message that "Due to...
  3. J

    CPU and SMPS fan getting noisy

    hi all, CPU and SMPS fan of my four year old p4 machine have turned quite noisy...should i get it replaced?? thax
  4. M


    Hi guys i installed realtek ac97 drivers from digit dvd of oct 2005 from then my pc has turned mute.No sound atall.Plz help me! :( :( :( Mandar :?
  5. debiprasad_sahoo

    Computer Turned off & not Starts

    One of my friend has a serious problem occured in his pc. Last night he start his computer, enter password of windows logon and after some second it turned off(not sutted down) automatically , but the power LED of the pc was glowing. When he press the power button the LED turned off. Now he...
  6. P

    Well, this one's peculiar

    I'm using an LG 17" monitor. Evreytime I turned this monitor sideway to the left, the left screen became pink. I knew it had something to do with magnet, so I rearranged the spekears. Didn't solve the problem. Strange thing is when I put one speaker to the left side of the monitor (when it's...
  7. E

    Cant change to YEAR 2006 .....But Y Y Y Y

    I dont know how to explain this poblem , recently to make out the changes on a rainlendar calendar i changed the date to year 2006 and , Yea i dont know how to explain ...task bar was missing,black broken images , every thing turned slow , ever thing was blacked out , it appeared as if some...
  8. M

    Blank screen

    when i turned my computer ,after logon the screen goes blank and the green light of the monitor keeps flashing.But the amazing thing is that when i uninstalled the Nvidia graphics driver from safe mode everything turned normal.So now i cant install any card driver and when i do so the monitor...
  9. reddick


    I install 'Zone Alarm Pro 5.5' in my PC n using BSNL 'NetOne' as my ISP for surfing! The problem is that when d FireWall is turned on,my browsing speed becomes so slow.But whn I turned it off,my net speed boosts up high.In this case i have 2 choose one thing,SPEED or SECURITY...but i wana both...
  10. Prajith

    Oracle debacle

    Hey Guys i want to know if oracle 9i will run on my Win Xp Pro+SP2 rig with the windows firewall turned on cause when i installed it all i got was tns protocol adapter error. Any clues ..... Anybody ..........
  11. I

    Switch Off A Bluetooth Phone that searches for you

    This article was first featured on my blog at www.cyberia.in it's supposed to work only on S60 phones, anyway good defence against cabir virus and bluejack. "This trick is awesome and can easily confuse anyone! what it does is that it turns off any phone that has bluetooth turned on and...
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