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  • Yes, contact at that number given there. If he charges more just tell him that one of your friends bought it for Rs.100-Rs.200 a month ago. He will charge something less for sure.
    You can Clean install the OS using a bootable pen Drive.Install the Windows 7 Home using Pen Drive and use the license key mentioned below the the battery panel.

    As far as the Ram frequency is concerned in DDR ram modules , 676*2=1352Mhz .
    Always multiply it by 2 , in case of DDR rams.

    PC3-8500 = DDR3-1066 = 533MHz
    PC3-10666 = DDR3-1333 = 667MHz
    PC3-12800 = DDR3-1600 = 800MHz
    PC3-16000 = DDR3-2000 = 1000MHz"

    I hope this make it clear to understand.
    In your case , 800 mhz is the maximum ram bandwidth. . i.e. 1600mhz total.

    So if you are planning to use another memory module alongwith this , you may prefer using a similiar spec. module.
    You should opt. for another PC3-12800.
    If possible try some games and make sure to get rid of Extra processes and threads running at startup and in background.
    You can get decent performance out of E-450 if you manage it properly.

    I read your posts and it seems like you are having issues like slow performance.
    Try a fresh rollover clean install. i.e. take a backup of all the stuffs including the drivers and re-install the windows.
    Load only necessary applications at startup using "msconfig" tool.
    If possible try to avoid using aero theme , instead use simple basic theme. Classic look.
    Up to date drivers,
    -Make sure to get the RAM to atleast 4GB.

    Also if possible run the laptop in maximum performance profile when on charging mode. I do have a dedicated tool from AMD for that purpose , in case you need it I will let you know , as I don't remember the name ATM.

    IMO ,This laptop takes down anything else in this price range and segment @<25k.
    So don't regret over the Ci3 CULV version.
    If happy with 12inches then APUs are goid options. Check shops in Saheed Nagar and flipkart too. IMO you get 12inches APU for around 21k.
    Then atleast consider a 2nd gen. PDC powered 14inch laptop. Will cost around 20k. IMO netbooks are not worth getting unless you need someting specifically to check mails or to use as a download rig.
    Replace the lappy! :D that's great.
    BTW how is the router? Is it good? Would you recommend it?
    You yourself said that your laptop supports only a,b,g type. So, may be that's the problem. IMO getting a new 300N WiFi adapter will solve this problem.
    My mobile too has wifi b,g support only. And after crossing 2 rooms the signal shows just 1 out of 5 in mobile. But when I connect to wifi from my PC with 300N wifi adapter in the 3rd room, I get full strength mostly and 3 at worst. May that's the case with you too.
    If your laptop supports type a,b,g then you will get 54Mbps only. But it wont really be a problem while downloading or browsing. You will find the speed difference only during file transfer. The max file transfer limit for 54Mbps is 54/8 i.e around 7MB per second.
    K, check the settings in your router config. Dont do any changes. Just check if its in Dynamic IP mode coz AFAIK bridge mode is not used in most cases.
    k, just came to know that Matrukrupa Entp. Are the distributor of TP-Link products. And when I asked 'em for the price of the ADSL 300N WiFi Router they quoted me 1.9k+tax i.e Rs.1995 only. So, kanchan did a good profit here.
    Yup, I could guess that when I had been to him to get TIM for my HSF. BTW is TP-LINK available in any other store in Saheed Nagar? Because Tenida bought it for 2k where as you had to pay 500 bucks more. And where is its RMA center?
    Nice to know that TP-Link is available. Is Kanchan sales the same which is ahead of Reliance fresh in Saheed Nagar?
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