1. bssunilreddy

    How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission

    Hai, How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission A master scammer takes on a cruel corp in the depths of space. It's an awesome story. Source:How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission | PC Game
  2. abhigeek

    Cloudflare Captcha and dictionary attack.

    Guys from last few weeks I'm getting captcha error if I try to access any website that it hosted by cloudflare. You can see this in image attached. Because of malicious activity from my ip. Then I checked my ip at Project Honey It turned out series of dictionary attacks are detected from my...
  3. RCuber

    System Power up issue after recent power failure

    Hi Guys, I am having a strange problem with my PC and I believe my SMPS is the culprit. Config: i5 2400, Intel DH67BL. Zotac GTX 970 Amp Edition, FSP SAGA II 500W. The issue started after a few power failure occured and the PC turned off as my home UPS turned off due to heavy load. This...
  4. mitraark

    Laptop suddenly turning off in 2-3 mins

    My Dell laptop is giving this weird problem. After turning it On, it suddenly turns off after 5-10 minutes use. After this, when I turn it on again, it turns off in less than 2-3 minutes,barely reaching the home screen. I turned it On today after 1 week, and it ran for 30+ minutes. But then it...
  5. B


    guys i need some help, i have a 3 yr old acer laptop which now is giving me a battery life of just 36 mins with windows 7 and aero turned off, the power slides down from 60 to 5% in a matter of seconds plz help
  6. Knight2A4

    Fake link that appers on google

    Just from some days a links to popular sites like facebook, monster jobs & others are appearing in my search links WOT high lights these links as dangers ... I have scan my system for infections but nothing turned up. Please advice if any one else also is having the same problem or WOT is...
  7. evil_maverick

    my DV6:6017tx is dead :'(

    Hello every1 To start off ..I have been using the hp dv6 6017 tx since july 11. And am extremely happy with it. But today after I got back frm ofc I tried switching it on and it just didnt start! Even tho everything was fine after I shut it off las nyt, I kept on pressing the power on button...
  8. blackedition91

    Altec Lansing VS2621 - Need help in replacing fuse

    Hey guys, I have a 2 year old Altec Lansing VS2621. It was working fine till yesterday. Before going to bed, I turned off the power supply at the switch board, but did not turn off the switch on the sub woofer. I turned on my PC today afternoon. Everything except the speakers was working fine...
  9. Sainatarajan

    Computer not turning on ????

    Guys , This is the First Problem After Building My New Rig . I was Playing Games and Turned the pc off. Went out 2 to 3 Days and turned it on . But Within a Fraction of a second it Shut Downs . First time it went till the welcome Screen and then it shut down. Pls Help Guys .
  10. R

    Should i format my galaxy s with android 2.3?

    I got an sgs and i wanted to kno if upgrading to 2.3 is a good idea or not.. Just read about how the ics update for the s2 turned out pretty bad so wanted to make sure it isn't the same with the sgs. Thanks in advance.:-o
  11. R

    mobile internet not working

    i have a motorola atrix 2 (upgraded to ics ). 2 days back i turned off mobile data for some time and then again turned it on..since then internet is not working... help please!
  12. abhishek00990

    Please Help! I really need it!

    Guys, it's urgent. I booted up my pc running windows 7 ultimate this morning, and found that out of the four partitions there, the last partition-Partition F turned up completely blank- 117 GB free of 117 GB!:-o It was strange, last night there were hardly 30 GBs left. Only I know the password...
  13. darkv0id

    PC not turning on after abrupt shutdown

    So, yesterday I was just surfing the net on my PC when it shut down abruptly, just like in case of a power cut. The monitor and speakers, however, stayed on And the PC isn't turning on since then. I can't hear any "beep" either. A few times the lights turned on a for second before they turned...
  14. Sainatarajan

    Pc not booting even after installing Windows 7 .

    Friends , Yesterday I Assembled my pc . Today I installed windows 7 and installed all the drivers and played 1 game for 1 hour . I turned off my pc and went out to play. When I came back and turned on the system , it shows a blinking cursor in a Black Screen . Now what should I do , please...
  15. saz

    Internet Speed too slow after fresh windows 7 ultimate 32bit install

    Hi everyone, I am facing a major drop in internet speed after I freshly installed Windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my system. Earlier I was using Win 7 Home 64bit edition and used to get speeds like 1.80mbps, but after I did a fresh install the speeds dropped to 0.40mbps. I have followed most of...
  16. aaruni

    USB PenDrive turned write protected

    Hey guys, I have a Transcend USB Pendrive (4GB) which has suddenly turned "write-protected". I need some help over here.
  17. cray.x

    [Solved] PC turns off

    first of all the specs! AMD A8 3850(2.9GHz) Asus F1A55 M LX Plus Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz vengeance corsair CX500 WD caviar blue 250GB hello guys i recently assembled a PC on 11 feb 2012 it was working fine until today, when i was working on it, it unexpectedly turned off(not...
  18. braindead

    Sound from unknown source(devil's?)

    After a wifi router has been installed on the first floor, the resident on the ground floor are hearing a sound in their living room. I checked and the sound seems to come from any of the following 1. Lcd tv 2. Dvd player 3. Radio Tired unplugging the wires but the sound still comes. Cant...
  19. F

    My new sony vaio overheating !!!!

    [Solved] My new sony vaio overheating !!!! I bought a sony vaio VPCEH28FN ON 4TH november Today I installed fifa 2012 demo (from DiGiT oct'11)...... When I started a match the laptop just turned off due to overheating.............I don't what the problem is ?? Edit - suggest a good...
  20. stonecaper

    CPU Fan NOT WOrking

    Yesterday night suddenly my pc went off.astonished,i turned it again and again my pc went off after a few minuites.I Shut it down and then today morning again i turned it on and again it went off abruptly after an hour.after turning it on forthe third time i noticed that the cpu temp is 113...
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