1. mohanty1942

    Video Capture through External TV Tuner

    Sir, I want an external TV tuner Box which I can use on my 19" LG LCD Monitor without switching on the PC. However I want to record TV programs whenever I want by switching on the CPU (via USB port). I hope external TV tuners with both VGA out & USB interface should be available. I...
  2. M

    New Graphics/TV Tuner Card

    I want to buy a new graphics card and a TV Tuner Card too. My overall budget for both is Rs.5500/- Please suggest me the best ones in my budget. Is there any good Graphics Card+TV Tuner Card in my budget? If there is one then please suggest me one.
  3. S

    Help with Tv Tuner

    Hi i am planning to buy a TV Tuner. The problem i have is i have so slots left on my board so it has to be either USB or some external card. I heard Pinallce, leadtech are good. I need a good card so that i can also record with good quality. and i tried to google but not much help. I can go...
  4. desiibond

    Gonna try linux on my home PC!!! Need help

    Hey Guys, Chalo, let me try Linux on my home PC. Config: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2Gb DDR 400 RAM Gigabyte motherboard K8N51GMF-9. nvidia 6100 chipset ATI HD2600XT Pinnacle PCTV 110i tv tuner card Already running Vista Home premium Mostly I use this for these tasks 1) Watch TV 2)...
  5. ashu888ashu888

    IE 7 fonts on Firefox

    hey guys, I was looking for some kind of a plugin which would allow me to see the same font style, size and font attributes as displayed in IE 7, so I googled and found this link: http://www.realestatebloglab.com/blogging-in-general/ie-7-fonts-on-firefox-and-all-of-your-applications/ Here, a...
  6. gkiran

    Internal TV Tuner Card

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new PC, replacing old one. I need an internal TV Tuner card and my requirements are Should detect most of the channels with good quality video & audio Pause facility to be present I should be able to record any channel, at a specified time schedule FM Radio...
  7. saqib_khan

    Should I go for this int tv tuner?

    Hi, I m willing to buy Pixelview play tv pro3 internal tv tuner card. Is this a good card? I want good video quality. Once in the past i bought intex internal tv tuner card. The video quality was a ****. The video quality was good only at movies channel but it was worst on channels like...
  8. M

    Buying a new PC

    I want to buy a new PC within Rs.25000/- I am going to buy the parts from Lamington Road. If anybody knows any dealer in Lamington Road who has the lowest prices around then please let me know. I have decided to purchase the following components Processor : Intel...
  9. comp@ddict

    Riva Tuner

    Check my config in my siggy I have 6200TC 64MB ddr with 256mb Turbo Cache. Is it possible to use Riva Tuner and change this value to 512mb? If yes, please guide me through it!
  10. lahratla

    World's first and only external tuner card with support for full hd resolution

    Anyone interested in buying an external TV tuner card may visit this link: http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260285595955&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:IN:1123
  11. Plasma_Snake

    FS: Pinnacle TV Tuner Card

    For Sale Pinnacle PCTV PCI TV Tuner Card. Original Box with all accessories and documentation available. Card opened but unused. Reason for Sale is the same for which the card has not been used, bought LCD TV and using it as both PC screen and TV so never used the card. The package contains...
  12. R

    [help] tv tuner disappear

    hi, i have a intex internal tv tuner with windows vista sp1. i use lifeview tvr for the tuner. my problem is that the tvtuner most of the time disappear (even from device manager) and so i am not able to view tv.i also tried some other software like winamp with tv plugin and nero but nothing(...
  13. achtung

    TV Tuner Card REMOTE Problem..Urgent help required

    Hi, I have got one frontech internal TV tuner card. I connected it to PCI 2, and installed the driver and the application(TV Plus) to operate it. Problem is, when I am trying to use the remote control (e.g. power button, channel shift), remote is not working at all.:( Also can anyone...
  14. R

    help Please."(T.V Tuner Card) "

    Hi Everyone , I want to connect my TATA SKY with laptop and view channels in my laptop. I have got one TV BOX(T.V Tuner Card) " INTEX GRAVITY USB2.0 TV BOX .I tried to connect but it dint work. I have installed the driver and software . I have checked devie manager and driver is installed...
  15. lywyre

    Tata Sky + WinTV = Grainy reception?

    My friend has a Tata Sky subscription for over a year which has very good reception when connected to TV directly. However, when connected to a computer (Hauppage USB TV Tuner + Win TV Software), he gets lots of grains with the video. Is the TV Tuner at fault or does Tata Sky have any kind of...
  16. Choto Cheeta

    Convert your ordinary PC to a Media Center PC

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online As you walk in to any computer store or IT shop, you see they are displaying PCs with capability to watch and Record TV running Windows Media Center. You may wonder, do you need to pay for the full PC to obtain the Media Center functionality of the PC. Infact...
  17. ramprasad

    TV Tuner and HD Audio

    Hi, I have a Mercury Ez View, internal TV Tuner Card. I had installed it on an old AMD Sempron machine and everything was fine. Now I had put it on an Intel Core 2 Duo, machine with the motherboard that has HD Audio. I run Win XP, SP2. If I record any TV programs, the video quality...
  18. P

    Which TV tuner card? - should work with Vista Media Center

    Hey guys, Please suggest a good internal TV tuner card. Main idea is to use it with Vista Media Center (or maybe later with MythTV/Knoppmyth or some other media center distro). I'm getting a Pinnacle Remote Kit for Vista from amazon.com to go with the card. Link for the kit is pasted below...
  19. patkim

    Dish TV / Tata Sky and use of TV Tuner Card

    As of now my primary source of watching TV is the TV Tuner Card on my PC for advantages like screen capture, recording etc. I am likely to change from Cable TV to DTH (Dish / Tata Sky etc) Does the Dish TV or Tata Sky has provision to seamlessly plug in to the RF in of the TV Tuner? And if...
  20. C

    TV Tuner Installation help

    I just bought an Pinnacle PCTV 50i ! But i dunno how to install I managed to put d card in d PCI slot . But m confused regardin d internal audio cable wich is supposed to be connected to d Sound card . Also, wich wire shud i use to connect my TV tuner card to moi TV. And is it...
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