1. sandynator

    All in one compact Media Player[Audio/Video]/DVD/Blueray Player with USB & FM Tuner

    I'm looking out for a compact media player which will supports all available video & audio formats especially through USB. FM /AM tuner also preferred. Movies & Music will be played through USB only so DVD or Blue ray Disc players unnecessary. Connectivity options : HDMI required, Audio out...
  2. mitraark

    Cheap HD TV Tuner Card

    I have GTPL HD STB connection which has an HDMI and Composite output I have a Beetel USB TV Stick and it has Composite input, it works fine, but quality is not that good. Need a TV Tuner card with HDMI input. Googled, got results of Avermedia HD Cature card ,Rs 11000 Beetel Stick...
  3. L

    Help to choose a TV Tuner card.

    I bought a Frontech External LCD TV Tuner Card but 'Windows Media Centre' can't detect it. Now I'm intending to buy a new TV Tuner card which can be used with 'Windows Media Centre' for recording purpose. Please help.
  4. K

    Want to buy TV tuner card

    Hey I want to buy a TV tuner card just to capture the video from my old Sony camera, since i don't want to give 1k-1.5k to people just for 3-4 movies, please suggest me a good card with win7x64 support within 1-1.5K, thanks in advance
  5. B

    HD TV tuner for gaming and capturing gameplay from PS3/xbox360

    I need a HD tv tuner to play and record gameplay from PS3 and xbox 360 using HDMI cable as input and my monitor as output for the setup. I have used external SD TV tuner box and PCI based SD Tv tuner and they worked fine without any lag. only problem was low resolution output from SD tuners...
  6. M

    TV Tuner Issue - No Audio slots

    I want to connect my set top to my Desktop PC using tv tuner box. but the problem is that my tv tuner box only has slot for video pin, no slots for audio pins. Will it work without connecting those two pins. Details about my Desktop: CRT Monitor, Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP, No graphic...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Need advice for tv tuner card for laptop

    Please suggest me a good external tv tuner card for laptop. I won't be using it with fancy hd dth operators. I'll use it with the set top box provided by the local cablewala. It should be reliable and cheap. Thanks. EDIT: It will be better if it supports recording too.
  8. ankush28

    TV tuner for 1.5k

    hey guys my cofiguration not in siggy new one.... Asus p8b75-m lx, Dell IN2030M, Reliance digital tv standard set top box (not hd) and I want one TV tuner card for 1.5k max no recording capturing needed just want to watch tv with good clearity, coz currently using 14" videocon DABBA 12year old...
  9. Allu Azad

    External TV Tuner Card for Laptop

    Guys suggest me a good external TV tuner card for laptop . Budget upto 2k . I should be able to record tv shows into laptop using this .
  10. A

    Urgent !!! Pls suggest a TV tuner card. Going to buy today

    Want to buy a TV tuner card for my rig. For watching TV and recording TV programe. Pls suggest the best TV tuner card (which one is best internal or USB type card?).
  11. P

    New monitor and TV Tuner

    Hi Guys, I was planning to buy a LED TV for myself. I'm a bachelor living in Pune. But now I'm on budget and don't want to buy another unit apart from my PC as I have to shift lot of times. So decided to buy a TV Tuner card along with good monitor. Please tell me that whether I should...
  12. V

    Use PC monitor as TV

    I have a 22" Viewsonic TFT monitor which i want to use as standalone TV (after i get a laptop and stop using my desktop). It has a DVI port. Do any of the DTH brands support a PC monitor thru DVI/VGA? Do I have to buy a external tv tuner for this purpose? I already have a internal tv tuner but...
  13. manik786wani

    xbox360 controler , webcame , tv tuner

    gaming pad xbox360 controler for computer 1k only for window 8 pro 64bit webcame want any but having good qulity 1.2mp in 1-2k tv tuner a good in under 0.9k
  14. V

    connect laptop to tv?

    how to connect laptop to a TV? i dnt have any high tech tv...just a colour tv with a/v cables(red yellow and white cables)...i also have a tv tuner hardware which might help in connection but i dont know how to do it!
  15. A

    External Tv tuner card

    hello guys any one have idea about External tv tuner card with hdmi input enable i want to record hd stuff .dth hd box to pc price range as cheap as possible:P
  16. S

    urgent help please- TV BOX....

    I want to buy a TV tuner box external.i have decided to buy Frontech FT External LCD TV Box JIL 0617 with FM TV Tuner Card ( Frontech FT External LCD TV Box JIL 0617 with FM TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com ) It supports aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 BUT mine is Samsung 740n...
  17. furious_gamer

    Can we record programs from external TV tuner to PC?

    I have this external TV tuner. Frontech FT External VGA TV Box JIL 0615 TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com Right now, i connected my CRT monitor to this and it is working fine. And i know, it might sound silly, considering the fact that an internal TV tuner card will allow you to...
  18. B

    Iinternal PCI tv tuner for fm radio reception....

    I have a plan to purchase a internal tv tuner for fm radio reception.... Which one is good?............. PCI based or USB based? How about one given below? Gadmei Brand Internal TV Tuner + Capture Card With FM Radio | eBay i have a doubt.... The noise or spurious emissions from Mobo will...
  19. happy17292

    [For Sale] AverMedia AverTV Super 009 Internal TV Tuner

    Its Sold
  20. curioustechy

    HD TV tuner card

    hi guys i posted this somewhere sometime back and couldnt get a reply... so i'm posting it again....plz reply i've cornered myself to this one "AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card" AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com can anybody...
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