1. BSOD

    TV Tuner Aver Go 007 Support

    I am trying to make a switch over to linux. Everything works just fine except my not-so-famous TV Tuner Card. I have the Aver TV Go 007. Did do Google searches and the works without much gain. What are my options now. Should I port the driver myself ;-)?
  2. D

    Help with TV Tuner

    Hi Guys :p Hi I have a Dell Inspirion 6000 Laptop and have bought a Techcom 813 TV tuner card. I have taken an analog cable connection ; now the issue is Though in TV my neighbor get around 150 odd channels , I get only 18 Of these 18 only 4 /5 channels has...
  3. S

    Hauppauge WinTV USB2-Stick TV Tuner For Laptop

    I have one Hauppauge WinTv USB2 TV Tuner Stick. This one came as a promotional offer with the compaq Laptop. I have received this in the month of march. I have used only for checking purpose. Price : Rs.3200 Location:Kanyakumari, tamilnadu Will ship by courier. Reason for Sale : already got...
  4. channabasanna

    Help in Keyboard, CPU Cooler, TV Tuner Card

    Hi All, I want to buy a good keyboard within Rs 1k- 1.2k. Please dont go beyond this, suggest me a good keyboard. Prefered Wired Keyboard. The keyboard should have Multimedia keys, also i play games most of the time, so it should be good one. Also suggest me a Good CPU Cooler for my Q6600...
  5. max_demon

    TV tuner card Querries .

    Hi i am planning to buy a tv tuner card , but the problem is i dont know how to connect the TV signal cable to it . i have one cable connection and the tv is near the pc , 3 m . can i have tv running on my pc without extra cost?
  6. D

    Video nquality poor with TV tuner

    Hi Guys, I have a Dell Inspirion 6000 Laptop. My concern is when I use a Techcom 813 external TV Tuner card & connect a local cable service. The program / video quality is Grainy and not as clear as a normal TV. Is there a solution of this ? Normal Videos & VCD's from hardisk/Optical drive...
  7. E

    Cheap internal Tv tuner card

    please help me choose a good internal card ( cheaper ones ) . Mainly used ofr capturing and watching tv :) And mainly compatible with vista . i have seen vista Switch to basic theme when using a Tv tuner card bundled software . why is that happening ? thanks
  8. T

    TV tuner queries

    i want to buy a good tv tuner card internal one. also give mumbai price possible. pls suggest one with wide screen support andf tata sky,etc works then preferable. recordin quality should be good. looking for VFM. apart from this i have certqueries of how TV tuner works like do tuner cards...
  9. Y

    Internal or external TV Tuner Card?

    I am planning to buy a TV Tuner Card, mainly to record few programs occasionally (TV is placed right next to the computer). For this purpose, would it be a good idea to go for an internal TV Tuner Card or an external TV Tuner Box? Also in case any one has any recommendations, then...
  10. solomon_paulraj

    TATA Sky to PC!

    can i record tata sky channel programs on my pc using tv tuner card? any one done it?
  11. VarDOS


    Hi How Can I Connect My DishTV Set-top-box To My PC? Is There Any Way To Connect It. I Also Have An TV Tuner Card?
  12. A

    How to Connect DTH to TV Tuner Card?

    Hi, I am having Pinnacle PCTV 110i Internal TV Tuner Card. I use windows XP. I am having Tata Sky connection. How to connect this DTH to TV tuner card? Thanks in Advance.
  13. M

    Where to find drivers for INTEX TV tuner Card?

    well friends, i got the INTEX TV Tuner as shown in the following link: http://www.intextechnologies.com/computerperi1.aspx?cat=Computer%20Peripherals&sub=Add-On%20Cards&pro=TV%20Tuner%20Card well the problem is that i missed the driver CD completely and can't find the drivers at all...
  14. S

    For sale : Pinnacle PCTV 50i

    SOLD Looking to sell a Pinnacle PCTV 50i tv tuner card. This is an internal tv tuner card. Bought in June 06 from Ankit Computers in bangalore. Pinnacle has only a one year warranty so its out of warranty. I have the remote, box, bill and all the accessories. The card has been running fine...
  15. S

    Intex External usb TV tuner card TV Box 2.0

    I bought above tv tuner card for use with laptop My laptop configuration is as follows Model: Acer 4710z laptop processor:intel pentium dual core 1.86 ghz 160 gb hdd 1gb ram OS windows xp sp2 I have installed tvr 2.0 from honestech which came bundled with the card I also connected a...
  16. G

    Connecting Set Top Box to PC

    My Goal Here is to Connect my set Top Box to my TV Tuner Card Ok Let me list out my system specs first: 1)Intel Core2 6300 @ 1.86 GHZ 2)GeForce 8600GT 3)Pinnacle PCTV 110i TV Tuner 4)2 GB RAM 5)Windows XP Professional SP2 My TV Tuner Card has RF in. However my set top box has only...
  17. B

    Name What?

    What is the name of the connection which have 3.5mm jack on both sides? for me, it is used in internal tv tuner for connecting audio out in tuner and line in sound card........ Also, is there a connection which can connect old speakers to my system? as u know old speakers have different...
  18. A

    USB FM tuner

    For my laptop I want an USB FM tuner card. I've searched in Kolkata but could not get any. Even the USB tv tuner cards also do not contain FM. However, such cards do exist - may not be in India. This link gives about the available USB FM tuner cards -...
  19. samudragupta

    hauppauge tv tuner plz help??

    i have got a hp hauppage tv tuner, but when i scan for channels it gives the result of dd1 only, it doesnt scan any cable channels.... am i doing anything wrong, pls help me frendzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. H

    USB Tv Tuner not working on HP DV2701TX

    guys when ever i connect a usb tv tuner ith my new lappy (HP DV2701TX) i not ble to watch tv.on executing the PVR app the web cam starts by default.even if i set the tuner a the defult capture device i cant tune the channels.the same tuner is working with the same pvr in lappies which dont come...
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