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  1. K

    pls suggest a TV TUNER CARD for recording

    i am going to buy a new tv tuner card for my system. can anyone pls suggest a good LEADTEK or PINNACLE tv tuner card. I need it for good quality recording and for building a media center system. should be compatible with windows vista. my budget is 3500 Rs.
  2. T

    TV Tuner Card

    I have Settop Box connected to Cable TV at home. May be it's called CAS but we call it here asianet digital (by company name). i need to watch and record tv programmes at very very good quality.so suggest me a tv tuner card. budget is under 11k. Note: my STB has only AV out (i think it's...
  3. T

    Best soft to watch tv in PC

    i have a tv tuner card. the tuner i have is pinnacle. (110i or somethin) it doesn't get detected on vista which is the best software to watch tv in WinXP PC?
  4. Kenshin

    TV tuner drivers

    Guys i just got a Intex tv tuner ...its sum BG + DK......i dun hv the driver cd...where can i get the drivers for it...:)
  5. Fighter

    TV tuner problems

    I have recently bought a Pinnacle 50i internel TV tuner card. I have connected the tuner's audio out to the motherboard's aux-in with the help of the supplied audio connector cable. I have Soundmax onboard audio where I have connected my speakers. The problem is that after few minutes of...
  6. Rockstar11

    How can I connect my DishTV to my PC (tv tuner card)?

    Hello i want to connect my dishtv to PC (tv tuner card) i have Dishtv Zenega CD-1004iS receiver and my TV tuner card is Compro VideoMate DVB-T300. maine Composite in (yellow pin) se dishtv receiver to TV tunner try kiya video aa raha hai.. :) lekin Audio In ke liye kya karoon?? Help please...
  7. ray|raven

    How to use an External TV Tuner along with CPU?

    Hi guys, I have an external tv tuner card(Tech-Com Make), it connects directly to the Monitor. I need to know how to connect it via the CPU , so i can alternate between the CPU and TV at ease. Thanx, ray
  8. H


    i need to know the market price for the following 1. a mini USB mouse / rechargeable bluetooth mouse 2. a game controller 3. Is there any anti scratch screen pad for the laptop monitor? 17" Widescreen model 4. a good external TV tuner card Is there any good website where I can...
  9. P

    Soundcard and TV Tuner..

    Hii Guyss, ................... 1)Cud u plss suggest a soundcard for around 5k..?? I wanted to buy XFi Xtreme music but it is available nowhere....All they have is Xtreme Audio.. My Speakers are Z5500 Digital Running on onboard audio of Asus P5N e Sli...
  10. lalit_ngp

    Intex Tv Tuner On Ubuntu !!!!

    hey guys ....i want a player tht can run my intex tv tuner ........on ubuntu
  11. krups

    Internal TV Tuner Card

    Internal TV Tuner Card with remote for sale. Very less used. It is in excellent working condition. Including all accessories and outer box. Price 850/- inclusive of shipping.
  12. anish_sha

    TV Tuner Suggestion pls

    Hi guys im thinking of buying a tv tuner which can be used in my desktop, i tought of the following one,a USB one, so tht i can use it later when i upgrade to a lappy.. pls let me know ur suggestions...
  13. A

    linux suggestion for tv tuner card

    i have used ubuntu 6.06 and 7.04 in the past, but switched to XP for some harware isues with my laptop (card reader). now i have my desktop PC with "Enter" TV tuner card, which distro will support this card? 2. i have many movies in flv format (some of them i have already converted to DivX /...
  14. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Better Quality on Tv tuner card on cable

    Hi I have leadtek winfast Tv2000 Xp global Tv tuner card ... and there are three connections at home including Tv tuner card with single cable coming from cable operator ,but the problem is that Tv tuner is not giving good quality , but other two connections are giving qualities on TV...
  15. bajaj151

    TV Tuner Query

    Is there any TV Tuner Card which have the feature to run 2 channels simultaneously i.e. 1 (record) and 2(Watch) Must be under 2500 & Vista compatible ??
  16. J

    INTEX TV tuner card

    hi there I am going planning to buy a tv tuner card and the intex tuner card is within my budget range.I was just wondering if anyone of you have used this card and your experience with it. which is the best tv tuner card in the market thesedays?? thanks
  17. RCuber

    USB Tuner - No Picture-in-Picture.

    PVR/DVR Software for USB Tuner I have a Winfast PalmTop TV (USB) tuner with me. Everything is working fine but the problem is I cannot get Picture-in-Picture (PIP) on that. The specifications states that this model does have PIP features. I use the WinfastPVR2 software which comes bundled with...
  18. joey_182

    Tv Tuner Card Problem!!!

    hey guys plz help me... i brought my frnds TV tuner card... but problem is...it is not detected by computer.... by adding new hardware didnt work out.... installing driver says (code 10) device cannot start... upgrading drivers says device not found.... device is properly working at my...
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