[Praise] HTC Service


I visited HTC Service Center at Lapat Nagar, New Delhi.
My Incredible S screen has got 2-3 spots which were only visible when the screen was white and then also you have to tilt to phone to a particular angle to view, thought it was not a major issue but as my warranty was about to expire so I thought I should give a visit to the service center.
So when I visited then and told them the issue, the guy at the desk told me that this type issue is common and comes in almost every display of every phone even if it is priced for a 1Lakh and had no words to say after that, then I told him that there is some dust inside my screen I want to get it removed, So then he simply told me leave the phone and he will get the whole display changed, I was very glad that he has agreed to change the display.
I was asked to visit them after a week or 10 days but I asked them to get it done as soon as possible, So I called them after 4-5 days and they said that the spare part(screen) has arrived and they will putting it to testing after changing it and then I can take it from them in the evening.
And guys my phone whole display as well as the whole front panel of the phone was replaced, and now my phone works even better than before, its like having a new phone after a year.
Thanks HTC.
The only thing I don't like HTC is that they have service centers only in major/big/metropolitan cities


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OMG, you asked 'em to clean and they replaced the whole panel. Thats great service :thumbs:

So, that's an INCREDIBLE Service for your INCREDIBLE S :D
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