1. A

    Guide for Testing New/Old Laptop for Issues

    Hey guys I recently bought a laptop and wanted to test it thoroughly, just to avoid issues after I start using it full blown. So I researched and found various methods for testing from different sources(NBR,Eteknix), I have aggregated them and posting it over here. Getting a new laptop is...
  2. Cyberghost

    Google’s Nexus 8 spotted at India for Testing

    Nexus 8 google’s latest flagship coming to India for testing, a shipping manifest reveals. Google still hasn’t mentioned anything about the Nexus 7 successor, so we’re still in the dark as to who will manufacture the tablet, or what the price point will be. According to the shipping manifest...
  3. aniket.cain

    i5 4670k OC - Need insight!

    Hi, I got this new CPU - an i5 4670k and I just want to check how good the chip is. I will overclock later when I get a decent cooler. Right now I am testing with the stock cooler itself. I tried a little OC with the A-Tuning App that came with the motherboard - Asrock Z87 Extreme4. With...
  4. K

    Software Testing training in Bangalore

    Simplilearn conducts 8 days Software Testing certification training in BANGALORE, delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. We are one of the best Software Testing Training institutes in BANGALORE. This Software Testing course includes interactive Software Testing classes, Training...
  5. S

    Need beta testing for my mobile game

    Need some beta testing for my upcoming work in progress mobile game.Please test it on mobile and not on desktop. Game need to be played on landscape mode so orient your mobile before starting your game. If you do test it please mention mobile you tested in, how well the game ran did it...
  6. darklord

    Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z + AMD FX9370 Testing

    Hello, As the title says, I got the Asus Crosshair V Formula - Z and AMD FX9370 to test. I decided to do Air/Water/LN2 benching on this platform. Afterall this is a flagship chip from AMD and I think it deserves that level of attention and effort and so does the board. A few words about the...
  7. H

    Need some about about the various IT domains

    I will be joining an Indian MNC this month. I am a fresher from a non-IT background. I am more interested in computers compared to what I studied in my graduation. I want to grow as a developer. The main problem with my company is that more than likely I will be assigned Mainframes or Testing...
  8. The Sorcerer

    [Views] Concerns about RMA testing for Graphic Cards and Motherboards

    Well I saw this picture in Gigabyte India's Facebook page (now deleted), which raises concerns about how service center does testing and what power supply they use: Its not only Gigabyte's RMA quality (taken care by Accel Frontline) that one should be worried about. Its all in general, usually...
  9. T

    Looking for a job in Game Testing

    Hi All, I am looking for a part-time or full time job, preferably in game testing. I am currently pursuing a course on Gaming. Not much has been covered & I am desperate for a job in this field, which is the reason why I am looking for a job in game testing. As far as work experience is...
  10. karthik99387

    Network testing

    Hi I have few years of experience in manual testing...What is the scope for network testing in india? and what other skills do i need along with manual testing skills?
  11. D

    Penetration Testing Vendor

    Hi, I want to know about any cloud based penetration testing services that can be carried out for my web applications. If anyone can help me out in finding a appropriate vendor, that would be appreciated.
  12. aaruni

    Setting up local web server

    Hey guys, I have a fresh install windows XP SP3 (in VM) and I want to set up my smf on it for testing purpose. I have tried XAMPP, but the php didn't run. Can someone please walk me through?
  13. A

    problems with windows 8

    i recently installed windows 8 pro build 9200 in my PC. But i don't have the activation keys. i see a watermark on the right corner(activate the windows....). I cannot access some of it's features. but that's not the problem.(i just installed it for testing purpose)i wanted to know that will it...
  14. arpanmukherjee1

    NUnit Testing -- What, Why and When

    I have read tons of articles about Unit testing, its advantages and how to proceed Also why and how TDD and BDD is used in conclusion it all feels like reading another chapter in the book with no significance. are there any examples i can follow or code to expose the true potential of...
  15. A

    Software testing books

    I have close to 2 years experience in Functional testing. So far in my project, I have had a chance to work on only System testing .I'm now looking to gain complete knowledge on all the testing techinique so that it will help me out while attending interviews. I'm looking for a book with...
  16. S

    Confused between AMD 1100 T BE and intel is 2500k

    i am confused between two processor my main aim is to set virtualization environment in my home for testing purpose link v motion,FT,DRS, etc... RAM==12 GB HDD==1 TB Mother Board ==???????????? Pls suggest for same Thanks
  17. M

    Android for testing apps and games Price within 15k

    Android phone for testing my apps(games). Budget 15k Must have keypad(slider) multitouch accelerometer GPS camera if possible front camera And plzzzz suggest a good fone from dev. point of view
  18. Cilus

    Looking for a C2D/Dual Core rig

    Hi folks, I need a Pentium Dual Core or Core2Duo based rig (CPU+ Motherboard + Ram minimum)for downloading. It should have at least 1 GB of ram and testing warranty. My current location is Bhubaneswar and Sellers need to ship it here.
  19. mithun_mrg

    List of Freewares & utilities for PC Troubleshooting/Repair

    List of Freewares and Utilities UBCD:Ultimate BOOT cd for testing Diagnosis Ultimate Boot CD - Overview Nlite :-For Intregrating Sata/ACHI drivers nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation Real Temp:For temperature Monitoring Real Temp - CPU temperature...
  20. K

    career guidence

    I m studying in BCA last year(YCMOU University) in mumbai.I want to know Software testing is better for my career... i m intrested in software testing...PLEASE SUGGEST ME A RIGHT CAREER.... thank you kshitija Chaudhari
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