1. darklord

    Gigabyte 9800GX2 Testing by Team THL

    Hi guys, We received a 9800GX2 from Gigabyte few days back,since i was busy with office work, my team mate Aditya, did the testing for Team THL this time, Check it out, More here - E8400 + Abit IP35 Pro + Team Xtreem ddr2 667 + Gigabyte 9800GX2 On air Thanks, Amey Team THL
  2. Choto Cheeta

    Google Testing new ads format with scroll bar ??

    Seems that google may be testing new ad format with adsense program… I found few ads coming to my site and few sites where I was in, ads with scroll bar…. I took some screen shots, Hmm.. will it heart the Ad income or will it help the ad income… !!! never the less I am not making a good...
  3. J

    Mobile Video Streaming Testing

    Yamgo has recently launched mobile video streaming service at *yamgo.mobi and we need to test which mobile phone networks it works on around the world. The 'beta' service allows users to view free live TV and upload and view videos on mobile phones. We would really appreciate your...
  4. M

    Microsoft Hotfix Request

    Hotfix Information A Hotfix is a single package that includes one or more files that is used to address a very specific customer problem with a product. A supported Hotfix is now available from Microsoft, but it is only intended to correct the problem that is described in the previous...
  5. RCuber

    All Kannadigas Here.

    Ok I am in. Who else here know kannada? ;) here is a list of guys who know/talk kannada nix abhi_10_20 Gigacore shashank_re a_k_s_h_a_y rakeshishere punk* cvvikram* RaghuKL infra_red_dude nithinks New alanpaladka swatkat gofeddy Hitboxx nvidia* adi007 phreak0ut beta testing ancientrites...
  6. darklord

    Short Review:Seventeam ST-500BKP Power Supply

    Yesterday i received my Parcel which included goodies like, Seventeam ST-500BKP, ST-600EAD and Chieftec LBX Chassis Since the 500 is for a friend, whose board+cpu i am testing currently, i thought why not, test the 500 first,this will give me a general idea of what to expect from the 600W...
  7. I

    ADSL Bandwidth

    Deall All, I have Small query. I have opted for a DSL Line from Tata Indiacom. How do I Confirm Babdwidh? --- 128/256/512 Etc??? Currently I am paying for 512 but i strongly suspect it is not 512. How do i check if it is 512 Line. (Other than Online speed testing tool) Max Download Speed I...
  8. Third Eye

    Sony Ericsson K850i – 5 Mpix camera performance

    *www.mobile-review.com/review/sonyericsson-k850-cam-en.shtml check the cam comparison between n95 and k850.i am not impressed with k850.it is still in the testing stage and will produce far better images after some firmware fix i think. discuss :p
  9. aryayush

    Trible: A Next Generation Bittorrent Client?

    Published: Today, @ May 21, 11:26 AM Source: TorrentFreak Author: Ernesto After you’ve downloaded a few files the application should know if you are the Madonna type or more a Britney person. Moreover, it is the first P2P system which has merged online friends and a sense of community...
  10. anandk

    Windows Media Center : code-name "Fiji."

    Microsoft has begun accepting applications from individuals interested in beta testing "Fiji," the next version of Windows Media Center. Microsoft announced on "The Green Button" forum on April 17 that it has begun accepting applications from individuals interested in beta testing the next...
  11. abhi.eternal

    How do i test PHP files?

    I have got many PHP files on my machines. But when I try to open them with FF 2, IE 7 or Opera 9, I am getting a message to save the file. I tried to open it with Dreamweaver, but there I get a message to specify a testing server. Even after specifying one, no results. Can I preview those PHP...
  12. Shikher_neo

    any soft geek?

    Can any one give me to a download for testing mobile apps on PC ?
  13. aku

    [rel] Windows Vista RC2 Goes Public

    Windows Vista RC2 Build 5744 is now available for public Download This build (5744) has a number of improvements and updates from previous builds, and has been through daily testing processes to refine quality and performance. We are making this release available for a limited time only (and...
  14. anandk

    SpeedUp ur AV scans...by upto 60% !!!

    "After years of anecdotal data from Diskeeper customers about the reduction in virus-scan times attributed to defragmentation, Diskeeper Corporation decided to investigate. They tested the four antivirus software packages that make up 90 percent of the market. After testing on different system...
  15. vikasg03

    How Web based application are tested ????? Its urgent

    Hi all Members of this group, I urgently need the answers of theses questions : 1. How Web based application r tested, i.e what r things we test in web based application in manual testing or automated testing? 2. How bug reporting is performed in Manual testing 3. How...
  16. R

    Internet Explorer 7: Now in beta testing for developers

    IE7 Released for MSDN Subscribers. Date Posted: 7/28/2005 12:22:00 AM Size: 10.06 MB Description: The first stage of the beta process for Internet Explorer 7 has begun—developer testing! The latest version of the world’s most popular Web browser has been released for technical...
  17. D

    Electronic Arts & the lost art of game testing...

    A few thoughts that have run through my mind ever since I played my first PC game, Need For Speed: II Special Edition has, that one, EA is definitely the biggest dog in the yard when it comes to game publishing, and two, the guys who test game at EA have the easiest jobs in the whole wide world...
  18. V

    PC wont start

    One of my PC Refused to start. It has ASUS p4v533-mx Mother board with p4 processor. I have used different SMPS, RAM and cabinet (for the power switches etc...) for testing but it still wont start. It wont even go to POST. Even the Fan is not starting. The indicator on the Mother board light...
  19. B

    which computer would be apt?

    cud u tell me as to what config should be best for usage in an auto-emission testing centre in a fuel station? the cheaper the better.
  20. GameAddict

    For all those who are interested in Security Domain

    Hi All, The purpose of starting this thread is to share resources/knowledge/news regarding Security Domain. I am working as a Software Tester and interested in making a career in Security Testing (involves Vulnerability Assesment/Penetration Testing/Threat Modeling). For that, apart...
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