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  • Hay Darklord Congrats on your AMD LN2 Overclock
    I just want to ask you How much did that LN2 Pot cost you.
    From where did you got that.
    Would like to make Public Demo Of this Insane overclock.
    I think you should do that to show the people how far you can push the system. I would to love Have this event in the local tech fest in my town besides that I Live in Kolhapur. If you are intrested in doing such a public demo I would love to help you.
    By using LN2 You could hav reached 6.3 GHz If you push further.
    I hav seen U as a first indian overclocker to LN2 Stuff Hats Off to you.
    keep it up, Happy overclocking.
    How did you buy from NewEgg is there interesnational shipping allowed. Can you tell me how ship from there. Cos I am gonna spend 50k for buying pc and i dont want to waste a huge amount by buying here.
    I can Buy Asus P5Q3 mobo , Viper ram and E8500 for a total of 16k (8k+2.5+5.5+). Lower price for proc cos you have done overlocking and may have damaged it. If interested pm me.
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