Need beta testing for my mobile game


Need some beta testing for my upcoming work in progress mobile game.Please test it on mobile and not on desktop.
Game need to be played on landscape mode so orient your mobile before starting your game.
If you do test it please mention mobile you tested in,
how well the game ran
did it crash
any bugs you found
Is game too hard
Also pitch in some ideas if you have to improve game further

You can play it here


Post is aimed at creative criticism.

0.Reduce the difficulty. (Increase it Gradually)
1.There should be more margin of error for lock on to the next platform while jumping.
2.There is a reason games are easier at first, they train the user first, allow them to get a feel of the controls and what they are playing. "FEEL" is important here, because we need to be adjusted to the speed sensitivity etc.
eg, when shifting from Counter Strike 1.6 to Serious Sam, we need some time to adjust.
3.Let the speed Increase Gradually towards the end of the level.
4.Need more Props, power ups etc.

Good effort but a long way to go!

EDIT: You can make the game more dynamic by allowing the jump to be of variable distance,
i.e the longer you touch the Higher the jump

EDIT 2: Just played it on mobile GT9100 the game slowed down badly. It was running fine on PC, was getting poor fps.
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Graphics is good. liked the concept also just like mario. Make the player a little slow, apart from that everything looks good :)


Need performance optimization for mobile (don't know weather its only my mobile) but the CPU was working a lot to keep up with the game.


It ran well on my iphone5 and on my S3. I am surprised it struggled on S2. I guess i will need to optimize a bit.
I thought 1st 2 levels were a bit easy rest were little difficult.
Making jump variable distance would just make the game too hard.
Can you suggest some powerups and props??.
Do i need to put coins in the game??
I will fix button problem

Did any1 tried this in tablet??


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powerups - pterodactyl (flies you for some time), bronto bounce (comes to rescue if you fall off), mammoth stampede (mammoth runs in front of car briefly destroying all barriers)
if you put in coins, maybe unlock diff drivers at diff prices (BamBam!)

replace some of the static barriers with animated sprites? just an idea

some time, try making a dual stick shooter, those are fun to play. even single stick dodger (dodge this mode in pewpew or astral).
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