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I will be joining an Indian MNC this month. I am a fresher from a non-IT background. I am more interested in computers compared to what I studied in my graduation. I want to grow as a developer.

The main problem with my company is that more than likely I will be assigned Mainframes or Testing (since their Java .NET batches are full. My friends who joined just 2 weeks ago in my location have all been assigned testing. Those who joined a month before they were given Java and .NET)

With regard to Mainframe, I heard that it is mostly about maintaining code which were written 20-30 years ago. I read a few forums and people said that new code is very rarely written as it is mainly used by Banks and if something breaks, it will be a disaster.
Is there any scope of growth in Mainframe? As far as I know, Mainframe is used in the BFSI domain. Will I ever be able to use newer technologies like Java or .NET if I change companies? These are also used to make applications in the BFSI domain.

And with regard to Testing. Is testing better than Mainframe or worse? As far as I have heard, Indian service companies have a lot of testing projects. But the workload is lower for those working in testing.
The workload is not a factor for me. Career growth and interesting work are my main criteria.

I have learnt Python by taking online courses and reading from the documentation tutorial. In India, nobody seems to be recruiting freshers for Python related projects.

Please don't ask me to refuse the job offer as the market conditions are very bad right now. Many of my friends are trying to get a job in Bangalore and none have suceeded so far.
I had enrolled in a Linux device driver + kernel development course just a month ago(in CDAC). For the last batch, placements were pretty low and 2 companies even went back without recruiting a single student. For the course, the no of students placed is in single digits right now. So even though I was really liking the course, I decided to take up the job offer.


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You have some good points. Forget .NET and all, stick to Linux Kernal Porting and Device Driver Development as well as Python. This thing have future. Though .NET and Java have too, but believe me, if you go to some Railway Station, you'll find thousands of such (I'm also one of them :p).

Better stick to Open Souce, as you are from Bangalore, you have a positive side. OSS are mostly cultured on South India, specially Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.
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