1. S

    software testing training institutes in chennai

    Accord Info Matrix is a Chennai based Software Firm. Our main focus areas are Software Training and Software Development.Accord Info Matrix : Best Hands on Training - Massive Placement.............. -------------------------------------------- qtp training in chennai|qtp training...
  2. N

    Airtel and Torrent

    I am getting very low speed in torrents through Airtel Broadband : I am using Asus RT-G32 router with Beetel modem, and unable to connect to peers. Torrent reflects "No incoming connections"/ I checked the Beetel Diagnostics page and the ATM OAM segment ping fails ?? >> Testing Ethernet LAN...
  3. T

    Opensource software

    Hi, Which opensource software will be usefull for testing web application.
  4. T

    automation tool

    Which automation tool will be best for testing web application
  5. S

    Software Tester for Fresher

    Is the profile of Software Tester for a fresher good? I will be taught Unix and SQL along with testing specific training. I am in Fidelity Marketing Research, India. Please advice.
  6. N


    Digit testing forum functionality
  7. N


    Digit testing forum functionality
  8. iinfi

    how good is software testing as a career

    hi all, i wud like to know how good is s/w testing as a career. i know an answer wud definitely be, "depends on one's interest" a good friend of mine says she is interested in s/w testing as a career. well ... basically i m a core techie who does bits of linux, virtualization n work as a...
  9. Gauravs90

    Most Security Products Fail Initial Certification

    In commemoration of their twentieth anniversary, ICSA Labs on Monday released a comprehensive report summarizing 20 years of testing. The most surprising conclusion? Nearly all products fail certification on the first try. Over the years, the company has moved from hands-on testing and paper...
  10. Gauravs90

    Windows 7 vs XP Performance Shoot-Out

    After I compared the performance of Windows 7 with that of Windows Vista , a lot of readers expressed interest in seeing a comparison with the decade-old, but still popular, Windows XP. So I decided to see how each of the three operating systems compared to each other in several crucial...
  11. Scott274

    What to do with old Hard Disk !!!

    So last month I had brought a new Seagate hard disk, prepared it and transferred all the data from my old Samsung hard disk (about 4 years old) to it. The reason for buying a new disk was, while working on my PC (old hard disk) sometimes I would hear a faint ticking noise and the the system used...
  12. looogk

    how to be a good tester?

    i have complted the black box testing.. and also testing tools.. am interested in testing.. now am doing MCA final year.. what steps will make me to go for a good tester? will it have any certifications? or what are the skills to be learn? how to practice for myself ? suggest me...
  13. ico

    testing - finished

    i m testing one thing....dont post here The thread title is "testing" Now the thread title should be "testing - 1-2-3-4" Its working.. Lets see if it changes to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Lets see if I'm successful or not....the title of the thread shoul be "testing - finished"....
  14. A

    low price pc for testing server @ lab

    Hai Guys, Pls suggest me a lowest possible pc for testing the features of server.I all ready have a p4 pc.All i need is a mobo,procy,ram hdd and a PSU So pls help me in choosing these things @ lowest possible price.:-D
  15. comp@ddict

    New Amd Processors

    Here check the new AMD processors and their a bit wierd but new style of naming. *en.expreview.com/2008/09/22/amd-45nm-cpu-naming-scheme-changed/ SO we see DDR3-1333MHz memory support WOW! And there's 3GHz procc too. I've had news that the 2.4 or 2.6GHz goes to 4GHz! Look at...
  16. D

    Scope of software testing

    I am a computer Engineering student....and currently training at a development firm in software testing... I wanted to know about the scope in software testing and about the opportunities in it. Do they get more salary then programmers, designers of the software?? I did a search on this topic...
  17. A

    Game beta testing !!

    Hello everyone ! My name is Amey. I am currently pursuing engg in comp branch. I am currently having campus interviews going on. But the companies and jobs offerings are not of my liking. What i want to do is beta testing of games ! So can any one give information about this ?? Any company or...
  18. B

    retrive password

    I have lost my dataone password which i have saved on my web browser firefox and when i upgraded to vista? i lost my password and i am not remembring it. I am a big trouble.... I have my ip address which i have saved on my pendrive when testing speed @ speedtest.net. Is there any way to retrive...
  19. NucleusKore

    Tracker testing

    Hi all I am testing a new tracker and will need your help Please download this .torrent file and tell me if the download is working or not Thanks PS: you need not finish the download, just to see if the tracker is working, everything looks ok from my end
  20. darklord

    Gigabyte 9800GTX + E8500 + EVGA 680i : All AIR benching

    I have had this card for quite some time for testing/reviwing purpose but due to lack of time, couldnt do a in depth testing of the card as i would like to do.Anyways, here is a short test run of this card. Here are some pictures of the Card & Bundle. Test Setup Intel...
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