[Views] Concerns about RMA testing for Graphic Cards and Motherboards

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Well I saw this picture in Gigabyte India's Facebook page (now deleted), which raises concerns about how service center does testing and what power supply they use:

Its not only Gigabyte's RMA quality (taken care by Accel Frontline) that one should be worried about. Its all in general, usually those who repair. How many times I got to hear people saying that their RMA was stalled/rejected, with managers saying that they cannot do so because the end user isn't using a proper power supply?? A lot.

However it should be noted that people have reported issues with Gigabyte RMA in the past. If they're doing testing like this, its obvious its going to create more harm than good. Its sad to see that the service center is incompetent, but its also sad to see that a management of a tier 1 brand simply deleted the post and the comments made and questioned in their Facebook page.

On a personal note, I am concerned about Gigabyte, but the management is more interested in their 'image' by having meets and all that. Advices given to them fell on deaf ears to be honest.
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