Android for testing apps and games Price within 15k


Right off the assembly line
Android phone for testing my apps(games).

Budget 15k

Must have

if possible
front camera

And plzzzz suggest a good fone from dev. point of view
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Well you dont really need to spend so much money on a phone for developing applications.

Get one for around 10k
If a Keypad is a must proiority, go for Samsung Galaxy 551
else without a keypad the phone which remains to get is Lg Optimus One P500
Samsung Galaxy 551 - Full phone specifications
LG Optimus One P500 - Full phone specifications
For dev.. what about emulation ?

exactly, you would not be able to test apps on different frameworks with one phone. If you ONLY want phone for dev purpose, go and install sdk of android and emulators based on froyo/gingerbread/honeycomb framework.

If you want a Ph and not just a dev device, go for Nexus S if its available. Best phone in this budget and you dont have to wait for updates.


Right off the assembly line
i already have sdk

but emu. dont have realtime gps to test my apps xD.

Im thinking of buyN an android fone to fix some bugs like battry drainage and etc.

can u guyz give me two options
so dat me and my team mate can test apps on two diff. android

and plzzz price range 15k for both

one last thing

how about motoral defy and milestone are dey good?

PS= im just 15 yr old boy so dont make fun of dis post xD
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