1. mohityadavx

    Resolution problem

    Hi! I am having following config:- ASUS VW193D 19" Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.8 Ghz Nvidia 8400GS @ 512 mb Now i had been using my monitor @ 1600 x 900 resoultion since a long time but yesterday when i switched on my monitor its resolution was at @ 1152x864 now when i try to get it...
  2. vaibhav23

    Monitor problem

    my friend is having this problem today after the power went he had switched off the pc.When the power came back he switched it on. he saw that my monitor is showing very high brightness . he tried to open its menu but to no use. he has 5 year old HCL HCM780M 17' inch monitor. Please help
  3. omega44-xt

    weird problem: computer automatically turns off

    My frnd has a PC of following config. : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz GIGABYTE DG31xxx 1x 2GB + 1x 1GB DDR2 667MHz While running, the PC automatically goes off (not shut down). To switch PC on UPS has to be switched off & then turned on. Mobo was replaced recently Pls tell wat cud be the...
  4. omega44-xt

    2 beeps from motherboard when switched on

    2 Problems Today when i tried to switch on my PC, it started smoothly with no display but i could here fan's rotation sound. Usually when my PC starts 2 beep sounds come from my motherboard with a time interval of 2 sec between them. But i heard only one beep. Then when i pressed the reset...
  5. T

    Sharing wired internet over wi fi

    Now this is a complicated issue, so i couldnt think of a better place to pose this question. Bear with me here- I get my internet over lan. There are 2 systems in the house, and i want that internet to be available to both of them via wi fi in such a way that one computer does not depend on...
  6. D

    OS doesn't boot

    hey guys i have a pc with win xp sp3 and ubuntu installed as an application inside windows. two days earlier when i started it the cpu switched on but the OS didn't boot i'm goin crazy plz help
  7. W

    LAPTOP Fan kaput... or?

    Hello guys! I own a compaq presario c301TU ( 1.6Ghz, 1.25 Gb ram, 60Gb ). been about 3 years since i bought it. Now what happened yesterday was that while working, suddenly the laptop switched off. All random and abrupt! Then i switched it on after like 10 mins and it worked but again in 15...
  8. K

    Desktop is not getting switched on

    Hi All, When I am switching on my computer the motherboard led is swithing on my system is npt getting switched on. System Fan or SMPS fan is not working. I even changed the power cable of my system but of no use. Please guide on what could have gone wrong. Regards Sudhir
  9. toofan

    How to find Which programe is accessing internet?

    Friends, Today after just connecting to broadband when i checked the bsnl status by clicking over the connection icon. I saw some data is contentiously received. Now i had switched off all my auto updates. So its not possible. So is there any software or a way by which i can find that which...
  10. Vensanga

    Sony Vaio Driver

    Hey guys am looking for drivers for my Dony Vaio VGN-N38E/W...it comes with Vista but i hate switched to XP and need all the drivers for my laptop.. Guys can u pliz help me...
  11. gauravsuneja

    (help)iphone got some moisture in it due to rain

    iphone got some moisture in it due to rain my brother was travelling by bike when it started raining yesterday he switched it off and kept it in a plastic bag knotted but still some moisture went in when he switched it on all he can see is white screen what do u plz already tried to...
  12. S

    UPS Problem

    Hello I have a Numeric brand UPS and it has worked flawlessly for nearly 4 years. Right now, a problem which is weird haunts the UPS. Whenever I shut down my PC, I switch off the UPS and pull out the UPS power cable. Now the UPS has 3 light indicators: Online, Fault and Battery to show when it...
  13. garfield_56

    Cpu restarts on giving jerks!!!!!!

    my pc was working fine...then one day..i shut it down nd the next time i switched it back on (about6-7 hrs later)...the monitor was blank and there were many beeps coming from the CPU..... then next day...i tried switching it on again....this time the beeps were gone but the screen was still...
  14. kaden

    Internet Explorer 8

    I had Internet Explorer 7 and had no trouble. I switched over to IE 8 and I'm having problems. How can I get IE 7 back?
  15. H

    N73 keeps on restarting

    While using my N73 Camera, it just hung up and froze. It could not be turned off nor would any of the buttons respond, so I had to remove the batterycell and then restarted it... On starting it, it switched on and then turned off , then by itself switched on again n then switched off n this...
  16. manistar

    Re-Install Phone software when its not switching on

    Hi i own a Nokia 5610 xpressmusic mobile, the problem i face is its software is totally unstable and it crashes often and the phone doesnot switch on or hangs after swtching on. till now i run to service center to instal the software again to make it right.. But as my warranty is...
  17. ravikanth

    PC switches off Suddenly. Need help

    This all started while im playing a game. PC got switched off automatically. And when ever i boot again it gets switched off after the vista logo. If i try to reinstall the OS, when the cds loads intially while checking the hardware etc.. its get's switched off. If i start my PC after some 2 hrs...
  18. A

    how to connect through RDP

    Hi, I am using bsnl BB , dynamic IP, and my frnd also using tata indicom plug to surf (dynamic IP). If at a particular time when our both systems are switched on is it possible to connect both pc through Remote desktop connection, How can i connect to another system. we both r in different...
  19. channabasanna

    Phone Switches Off Automatically

    Hi All, Recently my mobile (N73ME) gets switched off when i recieve a call, or so. The mobile wont be low on Battery when it gets switched off. What may be the reason for this to happen. What is the solution for this.
  20. quan chi

    scared of smps.please you are requested to give me some good advice.

    hi all!! freinds 5 days ago that is on last monday i think at 21st.i bought a VIP 400 WATT GOLD SMPS. IT HAS 3YRS WARRANTY it worked fine for 5 days.now today morning i switched on the mains but didnt started the pc.after 5-10 seconds a sound like bursting of small crackers started to come...
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