1. patkim

    faint flicker in tube light even after switched off

    In one tube light in the house, one end of the tube still flickers intermittently faintly for a long time even after the button is switched off. It's only visible in the dark & not during daytime. I wonder what is causing it? Does the choke release some leakage current even after the switch is...
  2. M

    Phone responds as switched off, even with full signal

    I bought a Redmi Note 3 from mi.com a month back. Since then, I'm having two issues. 1. Sometimes, the fingerprint sensor doesn't work well. I have to manually enter the pin/password. 2. This happens many times. When somebody tries to call me, they are told that the phone is Switched off...
  3. I

    What the duck just happened with my desktop??!!

    Hi all! Something very weird happened with my desktop yesterday evening! While watching a video on youtube, my desktop abruptly switched off. Thinking it was a PSU issue, I switched it off from its own switch as well the plug socket from the back and switched it back on. But the computer would...
  4. S

    Intel Core i5 Overheat

    I have had a Core i5 2500K for about 2 to 3 years as of now with no problems. The ambient temperature is on the higher side over here and for the past 2 to 3 days I have had two machine sudden restarts. When I switched on the PC the screen said CPU temperature overheating error. I have never...
  5. windchimes

    ASUS K53S LAPTOP - Service issues and total damage on laptop

    Hi all, I own an ASUS K53S laptop which is not in warranty period. Recently it had an issue with battery not charging,system hanging without booting in and if switched on getting switched off very soon Gave to a local service center -not official- in Bangalore, who diagnosed it to have problems...
  6. rhitwick

    USB not working!

    Hi No USB devices are being recognized in my system since last night. I had shut down my PC on Friday night. Switched it on on Sunday night. PC switched one, loaded to OS and found my Mouse, KBD and attached USB drives are not working. What I did till now? 1. Removed CMOS battery...
  7. D

    urgent plzzz..mobile lost

    is there anyway to recover galaxy s4. chances seem to be nil but in case someone finds it is it possible to track? can it be made untrackable by making some firmware change. it is currently showing switched off although my gps is turned on and it is locked with pin.

    APC BACK UPS RS 600 strange problem

    friends suggestions required. my ups gives a backup of max 1 min on power failure. pc switches off on even minor power fluctuation. Yesterday on a fluctuations the pc switched off and the ups behaved very strangely. the power (LED) button started flickering very rapidly with a sound like...
  9. D

    PC won't boot up...No Display etc. etc.

    So today while working on my PC, it suddenly turned off with a BSOD. Error code:- 0x0000001E. When I restarted my PC, it switched on but restarted instantly & then switched on again, only to start a restart cycle. After another two restarts, the PC booted but once past the BIOS Post screen...
  10. flyingcow

    [Complaint] Satan sent RAM- HYNIX

    After a vacation of about 4-5 days, I switched on my pc, checked net speed (Recent ddos, cablecuts) and opened TDF. Immediately my PC hanged, I couldnt move my mouse, keyboard was dead and the red sensor of my mouse wasnt showing up. So i had to turn it off directly :( , but when I switched on I...
  11. P

    computer freezing at bios splash screen.

    i was using my computer,copying some files from an external hard disk and after finishing,i switched off my computer.Then after an hour later when i switched it on my computer froze at the splash screen. I again switched on but the same thing happened repeatedly.I ,then, disconnected my hdd and...
  12. Rohan_B

    HELP! Galaxy S3 Giving Loads Of Trouble.

    Hey Guys, I have had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for over a month now and it is fantastic and all but recently it has started giving me a host of problems. They came in one after the other and here is how the events took place- 1) I was using my S3 on stock firmware(unrooted) for almost a month. No...
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    Teaching Computers to Grand Father

    He got a new Windows 7 laptop recently. So, I've been working on him for a few months and he seems to forget a lot. I have taught him how to check email. Switching on and off. i've tried to get him to browse the net but he is very apprehensive. I showed him yahoo.com, he uses yahoo.com only...
  14. dibya_kol

    what is faulty ?

    hi guys, i have already lost lot's of hair during this issue so i gave up and now i need some help fron u .. 8 days back in a evening i had played world of warcraft for 3-4 hrs then i shut doun my pc took rest for an hour and switched on my pc, since then the problem started...
  15. saurabhpatel

    Battery charging problem with Dell Venue

    Hi, My Dell Venue android phone has developed a strange problem. It battery gets charged only when the phone is switched off. Neither the USB is detected on laptop nor battery is charged when the phone is switched on. If anyone here knows what could have led to such a situation please help me...
  16. curioustechy

    4 beeps & system not working

    I was working with my computer and was idle for about 1 & half hours. Then when I turned on monitor nothing appeared. Thinking that the system might have gone to sleep mode, I shake and clicked the mouse, pressed the enter button & then finally pressed the power button of cpu (my CPU has no...
  17. U

    Laptop overheating and getting switched off

    My laptop is getting switched off automatically. It happens only when I run Skype. Plz suggest any solution. I am thinking of buying a cooling pad. Plz suggest me some mid range cooling pads too.
  18. D

    No display, no beep, all fans spinning. Please help. Urgent

    So this is what happened- Two days earlier while copying some files, my PC just hung & i had to do a hard restart from the cabinet. but it didn't restart & showed a no signal screen on my monitor. there were no beeps though. i switched my PC off from the cabinet & switched it on again.There was...
  19. G

    Computer Turns On and Then Immediately Turns Off

    [for my rig please refer my signature] My pc was working fine and I was playing all latest games at medium settings .... Problem happened when I was playing fifa 12 ... Suddenly the monitor when black ......but the cpu fans were workings... i pressed the restart button ... but it didnt...
  20. R

    Problem with 600va UPS

    Hey , I have problem with my 600va ICE UPS. Today an heavy sparks came on that , when I switched ON the UPS. I have switched ON the UPS again after half an hour . Then , It works . But , I did not ON the PSU . My questions are 1.what causing this sparks in my UPS...? 2.Is it safe to...
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