(help)iphone got some moisture in it due to rain

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iphone got some moisture in it due to rain
my brother was travelling by bike when it started raining yesterday he switched it off and kept it in a plastic bag knotted but still some moisture went in

when he switched it on all he can see is white screen

what do u plz

already tried to dry it with hair dryer


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DO NOT use hair dryer.. REPEAT: do not use hair dryer..it will damage the components inside..

If that fone has got moisture (small and tiny water droplets or jus fog inside it) then keep the cell in an Air conditioned room (not directly in front of the AC. no no no..>) jus in a well Air conditioned room,

if there was an inlet for the moisture to enter indise the fone and cause fag inside) the Air conditioned (cooler) air will follow the same inlet to get inside the fone and reverse the fog process thereby clean ur screen.. :)

This is not a hi tech technique/idea.. jus a common sense reply from my side (As i wud hv done the same thing for my devices).... but yes, DO NOT come out of the AC room (With ur iphone, ofcourse) as the outside temp wud be higher and it will cause moisture again.. instead... be inside the AC room till the inside temp is slightly on level with the outside temp .. :)

hope u got the point.. :)

Also, (jus a suggestion) Y to use iphone while travelling tat too in rains yaar.. that phone is for showoff esp wen u are in the company of girls.. lol.. :D:D (i wud hv used a simple rs.2K b/w cell for travelling and iphone for show off..lol..)

Cheers n e-peace....


Take a bowl of rice (dry uncooked) and keep the phone in that for a couple of days. The rice absorbs the moisture. Now since this is a iphone i suppose you cannot dismantle (like removing battery etc) so you have to just keep the phone in rice.

In case it was some other phone, we should remove the battery, back cover, SIM and keep all these in rice.
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