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  • i will do a cod in delhi only I am with the airforce in delhi every week atleast for couple of days ...
    hola doc!
    How are you? Added you to my friend list. Hopefully you still remember me.
    what r ur specs i mean computer specs that depends .why dont u meet me on yahoo
    mien is if ur making new one core 2 duo 2.2 ghz
    945 gcmx-s2 gigabyte (this mobo is to be hacintosh compatibel)
    2gb ram
    40gb ata
    Just use a SATA PIC card . It might be available in the market. or use a SATA it PATA convertor . thats the best you can do if you want to connect it internally.

    This is how a SATA PCI card looks like

    If you cant find it in the market try ebay link
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