1. T

    Reliance gone mad

    Hi Well when I am browsing the net the connection keeps on disconnecting. I am using reliance web service. This problem appeared when i switched to win 2k from win me. If i ask reliance helpline they say update your windows help me please.
  2. H

    hardware problem OR software problem?

    I have loaded WindowsME into my new AMD2800+,512 MB DDR RAM 400MHz, Samsung 7200 rpm Hard Disk,MSI K8MM-ILSR motherboard system. When I tried to start the OS the computer was automatically switched off. On restart the choice for starting in normal mode, safe mode etc. appeared whichever choice I...
  3. dhawald

    potential digit subscriber,needs help

    i am thinking of getting a digit subscription. i saw the offer on indiatimes about free brittanica cd.I want to know of which year is that encyclopedia. also please let me know that if they still provide 2 free cd's with the mag or have permanently switched over to dvd
  4. F

    How do I Add A Picture 2 My Profile in Digit Forum ---------

    How do i ?? Can i have it in my system ? if i do have it in my system it means, it wont b seen when my system is switched off right ? So how do i ? the pic i wanna keep is in a active website.
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