1. bkpeerless

    Is data scince/ Business Analytics good path for a 3 yr test profession

    I want to switch my career. I am currently a manual tester with little bit of Automation Java. I have 3 yrs of exp . I have MBA but I was not able to utilize it in the IT world. I want to switch my career. My interest is in R SAS and Data science. Is there any oppertunity for someone with my...
  2. F

    Looking for an Upgrade for my PC

    My Current Config BenQ RL2455HM|AMD FX 8350|Corsair DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)|1TB WD|250GB Samsung 950 Evo |AsRock FX990 Extreme3 |Asus GTX 960 Strix|CoolerMaster HAF 912|Hyper 212X|Seasonic Gold X-750 My Motherboard is giving issues and need to be changed. Should i only Change my Motherboard or...
  3. Limitless

    PC won't turn off

    Hi I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro and whenever I shut down the monitor switch offs but the fan are running Please help Do I have to upgrade BIOS (never upgraded bios before)? My Motherboard:- Asus M5A97 R2.0
  4. V

    Strangest problem you'll ever read - Switching on computer causes TV channels to stop working

    Hi, I'm not even sure which would be the correct forum to post this issue but here goes nothing. My computer (PSU Corsair 450W), Monitor (Dell 2240), WiFi Router (MTNL), TV (Samsung 32" LED) and Set Top Box (Den cable) are connected to the same switch board. It has four plug points; the...
  5. kARTechnology

    [Corsair CX430] Spark from PSU and PC still works fine!

    This happened 4 days back. Corsair CX430 PSU since Sep'12 A 250GB HDD GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2HP 3 gig RAM AMD 2400+ 2.4GHz Dual Core I sometimes switch off the PSU at the backside small switch. upon switching on at the back, a small spark. Immediately switched off, and after few...
  6. RON28

    need cooler for Intel i3 4130

    Stock cooler is making a lot of sound and temps are rising even at idle condition. I want to use a CPU cooler but my cabinet is very small. here it is Zebronics cabinet Case Dimensions : 176 x 386 x 345 mm (W x D x H) Motherboard Configurations : Micro ATX Drive Configuration : CD-ROM : 2 x...
  7. J

    stabilizer needed specifically for AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch?

    guys o i need stabilizer specifically for1.5ton AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch which serve my whole house? thanks in advance.
  8. lywyre

    [Req Help] Switching from Godaddy Workspace Email to GMail

    Hi, Our company is having the domain and email both serviced by Godaddy. We are frequently having issues with email services. Despite their commercials saying that they have world class support, they are shoddy and novice at best. Our boss has decided enough is enough and lets switch to...
  9. N

    Is it my motherboard or RAM sticks?

    This the whole backstory below. Well I got a UPS and surprisingly the problem still persists. While messing around today I(again:lol:) discovered that when I removed a RAM stick, the PC booted up. Then I reseated it again and it still boots. I changed the channels. Ran memtest86 again...0...
  10. C

    Connect more than 4 PC LAN

    I have BSNL broadband, using modem TP-LINK TD-W8968. I want to connect to more than 4 PC to it using LAN cable (Not WiFi). Can i buy a switch and connect it to one of the LAN ports in TP-LINK modem, then connect other PCs to Switch ? Will it work or i am limited to max of 4 PC on LAN ?
  11. P

    Inverter shifting to backup even when mains is ON

    Installed a new inverter today. Exide home UPS 1450 VA attached with 2 exide invamore T plate batteries (150AH each) (new) Sometimes the inverter is shifting to battery backup even when the mains power is still ON. Additional info :- Input voltage in the range of 175-210 V No...
  12. GammaLazer

    New Keyboard: Red switch or Blue?

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to mechanical side of keyboards. I am right now using Logitech G105 and want to switch over to the mechanical keyboards. But the problem is the even after reading best of guides online I am unable to decide to which kind of switch should I use? I am mainly a...
  13. Zangetsu

    Kill Switch has reduced smartphone theft

    Smartphones, particularly iPhones, are no longer the favourites of discerning lifters, recent data shows. The reason: the “kill switch” is proving the killjoy for the thieves. Apple added a kill switch, called Activation Lock, to its iPhone in September 2013. Samsung followed in April 2014...
  14. S

    Router and Switch Configuartion

    Hi Guys I have TP-Link Router 3G/4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3420 - Welcome to TP-LINK . I am planning to buy a Gigabit Switch TP-Link 10/100/1000 Mbps 5 Ports Gigabit Desktop Switch (TL-SG1005D) - Buy @ Rs.1445/- Online | Snapdeal.com I have NAS setup at home which currently has 4PCs...
  15. kg11sgbg

    Is the network configuration O.K.???

    Friends waiting for your suggestions and advice. I am sorry to whitestar_999, as inspite of his advise to go in for a 300MBps modem+router, I purchased the 150MBps TP-Link TD-W8951ND adsl2+ modem+ router+wifi. I have replaced the 5dBi antenna(factory set) with the 10dBi antenna on this...
  16. Subhankar Mondal

    My Xperia is switching on and off.Is it HACKED?

    When I switch on my xperia mobile, it's switch on and off continuously. Nothing is displayed except XPERIA and then SONY then again XPERIA and SONY. I have never faced such problem. Sony care failed to find any solution. What do you suggest now? I thought it's virus attack, removed micro SD card...
  17. S

    APC 1100VA UPS not starting up

    Hi, I have an APC 1100VA UPS for my desktop (BR1100CI-IN). Last Sunday onwards, it started acting weirdly. Whenever I try to switch it on (with or without my PC components plugged in), the green light first blinks as usual. Then, after a few seconds, the light goes out and there is a continuous...
  18. K

    Sharing Internet on all PC's...

    Internet connection sharing on Pc's ? Hello guys i have made a small setup with 7PCs connected on a LAN switch (TP-Link 8 port) i have given static IP's to them 192.168.0.X and so on with a default gateway. Now i have got a new internet connection whose cable is directly connected to one...
  19. Inceptionist

    Frequent disconnection since change of switch

    Some days ago, switch in my area was changed by ISP. Since yesterday, my connections randomly stops working and I often have to restart my own router to connect to Internet again. Is there any issue with my router or with new switch installed by ISP. Or me rebooting my router is just a...
  20. C

    Switch to moto g or stay with XM?

    So here's the deal. I bought myself a Xperia m August last year (posting from it actually) and was pretty disappointed by the fact that internal memory was just 2gb. I couldn't get any of the larger games on it.. :-(.. Music quality was a great letdown too. Anyway, now that the moto g is...
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