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Internet connection sharing on Pc's ?

Hello guys

i have made a small setup with 7PCs connected on a LAN switch (TP-Link 8 port)
i have given static IP's to them 192.168.0.X and so on with a default gateway.

Now i have got a new internet connection whose cable is directly connected to one of the ports on this switch.
Only single PC can access the internet. But I want to share this on all PCs.
i'm having windows 7 and a PPPoE internet connection.

i have gone in Broadband connection properties-->Sharing Tab-->internet connection sharing and checked the box , Allow other network users to connect thro' this internet connection.

but still other PC's can't access the internet.

can i do this without a router?or do i need one.
Also how will be the connections?

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if it is a cable broadband like sify etc then most likely it is using MAC address to limit net access to only 1 device at a that case a router with mac cloning/spoofing feature is needed to bypass this.
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