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  1. S

    price of switch and adsl modem

    can anyone pls tell me the price of 8 port switch and adsl modem specially of frontech/dlink if possible pls give the retail price at kolkata..
  2. W

    Problem With ViewSonic 19" LCD

    I had purchased a ViewSonic 19" LCD Monitor just a couple of days back. The dealer assured me that he would replace it it if did not work properly. Now I have this irritating problem when I changed the resolution: # One half of the screen appears to be brighter than the other. # If I try to...
  3. nvidia

    SMPS and burnt computer

    Hey! I used to have a 250W smps. But i got a new graphics card and i was adviced to upgrade the smps. i changed it to a Frontech 400W smps and turned the switch on... the entire house power tripped and switched it off.... Later i reconnected my old smps but my comp does not switch on what...
  4. darklord_2007

    test your antivirus

    Jst paste d following code in ne text editor n save it with .txt extension...!! D code: X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$Dhiraj-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H* Ur antivirus must show a warnin'..!! If it doesnt den its time to...
  5. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Stero Widening in SE Phones ??

    Guys what's this stero Widening ??? does it improve the music quality or something ?? shld i turn it off or on... when i switch it on the volume goes down a bit...and i hv to increase the volume......
  6. A

    compuetr wont start !

    i m facing this strange problem...once i switch off my computer for more then 24 hrs and i switch it on cpu sounds the beep but monitor just just shows a dash blinking...then i tried to switch it off aand start again it does not start at all..no beep..no light in keyboard...nothing. now the...
  7. L

    I have some freaking automatic update problem!Help!

    I don't know if what is happening is right but i am just confused as everytime i like start my pc on the automatic update button in the bar keeps telling me there are new updates thats ready to be installed. Well i know what this does but this keeps repeating itself even after i've updated the...
  8. nagarjun_424

    Apple on a roll!

    Apple seems to be on the spotlight these days for evey product launch. Each of its products seem to be putting Gates and his boys to shame! :P I am actually a hard core windows user, but after looking at the recent developments from Apple and lots of advice from this forum's members, I'm making...
  9. skippednote

    Internet Dialog Box

    while workin a box pops out hvin two option 1 connect 2 stay offline it alwayz disturbz me plz tell me hw to switch it off for ever
  10. C

    Switch to AT&T:Save 15% off your bill

    So you’ve made up your mind, you’re going to get an iPhone. You will head over to your local Apple Store, dish out $499 (or $599) and you’re even willing to switch your wireless provider for the all mighty iPhone. However, you’ve never switched your provider before, and you’re a little...
  11. ComputerUser

    Switching off cleartype in ie7

    While installing ie7, I switched on the cleartype settings. But since I use a CRT monitor, I want to switch it off. But I can't find the option to switch it off.Help!
  12. gau_pppu

    stand by and hibernate

    Is there any difference between standby and hibernate, if thn which one is better, can we switch off the main power after sending the pc into standby or hibernate mode.
  13. V

    Connecting two computers using ethernet cards and switch

    Hi. I recently connected my computer to a broadband connection and recently my friend also got a computer. now the problem is the broadband connection can't be shared using a switch. a router is required.But i want to share it using switch only. i also bought a new network card and tried to...
  14. B

    Setup.exe, wow.exe

    Quite often when I am trying to install any program, it takes too much time. After clicking on setup.exe nothing happens. When I bring the task manager to know the things it shows two simultaneous process namely setup.exe and wow.exe. But if I switch to Safe Mode then Install the program its...
  15. csczero

    How can i share Broadband??

    hi, i want to know how can i share broadband with two or more computers using switch
  16. 24online

    CD Write Problem

    he guys, I have CD writer of LG...when i insert disc...sometimes it shutdown my pc automatically... and sometimes in the middle of running cd, it hangs pc... so i have to restart pc from main switch... also when i write cd, it stops after burning.. and pc hangs... so what I do to run CDs...
  17. esumitkumar

    Sharing internet on 10/100 Ethernet Switch ??

    Hi I have one desktop and one laptop. I had just bought an ethernet switch for sharing internet connxn. Both laptop and desktop have same TCP/IP confg which is shown below : When ever I connect both with switch, it says there is conflict of IP address with another system on network. I have...
  18. sysfilez

    How to keep track of switch on and shut down?

    I want to keep track of my pcs switch on and shutdown. and also files accessed during this time. Is there any way i can keep a log file? pls help. i say this coz a few other ppl are using my pc.
  19. Ankur Gupta

    Now a Google Phone in the pipeline!

    Several rumors regarding a possible Google phone spread around the Internet, at first claiming that Google and Orange were in a partnership to provide a mobile phone manufactured by HTC and running Windows Mobile. After that, leaked photos of the Google Switch showed up. Google's announcing...
  20. joey_182

    Windows XP Fails to Start After You Install Vista in Dual-boot Configuration

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