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[Corsair CX430] Spark from PSU and PC still works fine!


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This happened 4 days back.

Corsair CX430 PSU since Sep'12
3 gig RAM
AMD 2400+ 2.4GHz Dual Core

I sometimes switch off the PSU at the backside small switch.
upon switching on at the back, a small spark.
Immediately switched off, and after few seconds switched on.
Pressed power button, voila it boots as usual.

Is the Surge Absorbing Component (MOV) busted? I think it is the one closest to the switch. and gets power before the other components power get power


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A small spark when switching the PSU ON is normal. It's the initial inrush current charging up the capacitors inside the power supply which causes a small spark as the connection to power is made if the PSU switch is turned OFF. It is not harmful to the PSU.


until the computer works fine with any restart or freezing its should do fine, i would suggest you to RMA the PSU

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