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  1. anandharaja

    While Playing Game got beep sound

    hi, i downloaded Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, while playing game got beep sound after few minutes, and i switch to desktop and immediately switch to game the sound stops, and after few minutes again i got the beep sound from speaker. its over heating issue or what? my system configuration...
  2. T

    will x2 555@3.8ghz(only 2 cores:( ) bottleneck my new sapphire hd6950 dirt3 edition at 1920x1200

    hey guyz, I've bought a hd6950 2gb with bios switch at 11k my system spec are: amd x2 555@3.8ghz stock fan (no luck unlocking ) msi 785gm p45 seasonic eco600 600w psu iball i8181 case lg display 22"@1920x1200p and etc. so my question is will my CPU bottleneck my card,,,,I've not tried...
  3. J

    Graphic Card Switch

    Hey guys i own a HP DV 6 7040 TX , that has an Intel 4000 Graphic's Card and Nvedia Geforce 630m 2GB graphic card .... What i want to know is, how to switch in between these cards....?
  4. speedyguy

    Help: Phone's Micro SD Right Protected

    Suddenly, my micro SD card (Strontium 16gb Class 10) got right protected and I'm not able to access it via phone (read/write/format). From PC, I can see the contents but can't alter anything. Message pops up saying card is right protected, unlock it. There is no switch in the card, and I...
  5. aaruni

    Switching from Free hosting to Paid Hosting

    Hey Guys, I have an active SMF based forum set up on free hosting from Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads . If in future, I want to switch from free hosting to paid hosting, will I have to create a new domain name? If I have to shift URL, what is the way?
  6. sam9953

    On/Off switch light keeps blinking

    Hi guys my monitor recently started giving me this problem where the On/Off switch is blinking, I mean the light on the switch keeps blinking and the monitor does not start up. I am able to use it because, I don't know how to open the monitor. Can you tell me how do I resolve this problem as I...
  7. J

    Need alternative for UT300R2u

    I used this UT300R2U modem for past 4 years, the back power switch is too loose, and now it power off automatically because of loose switch. BSNL peoples says it warranty is over, so take new one. Is it wise to buy a modem from BSNL or any other alternative modem for the price below...
  8. velociraptor

    gpu switching in ubuntu/mint

    hello every one i had installed linux mint/ubuntu but the problem is that the amd gpu is always switched on which lowers battery and also creates lot of heat please tell me how can i switch it of ..i have hp dv6 6165tx with hd6770m gpu and i want to dual boot it with windows i play a lot of...
  9. quan chi

    Irritating display issue.

    Hi all. All of this started when i had opened the system to apply a new layer of thermal paste to the cpu as it was getting too hot. Kindly read the post completely. Well i am facing a strange irritating issue from the past few days.sometimes whenever i switch on my system the system starts...
  10. sujeet2555

    Buying advice:Switch or router or adsl router

    hello everyone , i have bsnl 750Ul BB and have the old utstar modem blackone with no extra LAN port.now i want to connect my laptop and ext Hard disk with my PC and share the net connection and ext HD. so what's your advice ? 1.A switch - so i can connect laptop & PC and have internet sharing...
  11. A

    want review for Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch

    hello we friends are thinking to buy a network switch for playing counter strike as it lags when played on the wifi i would like to have advise nd if possible a review on Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch our budget is around 1500 ( the lesser it is ...better ;) )
  12. patkim

    Nero 7 - Server Busy Error!!

    My Nero 7 all of a sudden has started giving this weird error message box everytime I try to load the burner interface. "Server busy, the action can not be completed because the other program is busy, Choose Switch to to activate the busy program and correct the error" Available buttons are...
  13. R

    P8H67-M LX autostart issue

    Guys i'm experiencing a strange problem.......don't know whether its my motherboard (P8H67-M LX) or my intel i3-2100 processor........ Actually when i switch on the main power (not from my cabinet but the normal wall switch) my processor fan automatically starts rotating but the system...
  14. K

    File Transfer Lan Cable

    Can you tell me how to connect 2 Systems(Laptop Win7 and PC XP Pro) over lan cable via ethernet?? Or should i get a Network switch or Crossover cable?? can you also explain to what a network switch is?? also how to do the network settings tooo.......
  15. N

    Computer shutsdown as soon as swithced on ?

    Hi All, I have a desktop PC whose config is like this: Celeron CPU,128 MB RAM,845 Gigabyte Chipset, a CDROM, a 40 GB ATA Seagate Harddisk, 15" CRT Monitor.... i have dualboot Win XP + Linux It did not gave any problems since 2006 The problem i'm facing for few days is that whenever i...
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    NZXT Switch 810 Review

    NZXT Switch 810 Review - Introduction
  17. Champ

    Audio Switcher

    Hi Guys, Looking for a cheap audio switcher (or what ever it is called) 1. It should have 2 female 3.5 mm ports as input and either am male/female 3.5 mm port as output. 2. A switch to select one of the audio inputs More or Less like this one with a switch to select source Basically...
  18. A

    Regarding KVM Switch

    I don’t know whether it is a right place for my query or not, if not then sorry. Hi guy’s I am looking for 2 port KVM Switch but my main requirement is it should support wireless keyboard, Mouse (combo or with one dongle) & it should be audio enabled. So plz suggest me some models. I...
  19. slashragnarok

    Sharing same internet connection on 2 PCs

    I have two PCs at home in the same room. My old PC has a BB connection (Airtel 2 Mbps). Now instead of getting a second BB connection for my new PC, I wanna share the existing connection. I understand that I might need a router or switch and/or a second lan card on the host PC to achieve the...
  20. T

    Strange pc problem

    Hello all! Am suffering from a few strange problems with my pc. 1. During startup I dont see any display sometimes. At other times I see different dull colours for few seconds. Again sometimes I see the display area changing sizes with those dull colours. I keep restarting the pc and if I am...
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