My Xperia is switching on and off.Is it HACKED?

Subhankar Mondal

I love Digit
When I switch on my xperia mobile, it's switch on and off continuously.
Nothing is displayed except
XPERIA and then SONY
then again XPERIA and SONY.
I have never faced such problem.
Sony care failed to find any solution.
What do you suggest now?
I thought it's virus attack, removed micro SD card and sim.
Still no change.


Cyborg Agent
It is commonly referred to as a boot-loop. It may happen due to corrupt cache/data.

What is the exact model of your Xperia?
Subhankar Mondal

Subhankar Mondal

I love Digit
It's Sony Ericsson's XPERIA RAY ST18i.
Old mobile.
Icecream sandwitch os.
May be corrupt cache /data problem.
What to do?
When I Connect it to PC nothing can be seen or done.
Therefore I can't understand how to install ROM.
More help required.
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Subhankar Mondal

Subhankar Mondal

I love Digit
[h=2]I'm trying hard to do the following .
But when I connect my phone ,
nothing is shown in emma.
please help me.

Steps For Restoring Original ROM On Xperia Ray:
[/h]Step 1:Unzip the Flash Tool For Xperia zip file and place it anywhere in your computer.Step 2:Run Emma_setup.exe. During the installation, make sure you remember the installation path:Default path in Windows 64 bit is: “C:program Files (x86)Sony MobileEmma“Default path in Windows 32 bit is: “C:program FilesSony MobileEmma“Step 3:Copy the Customization.ini file. You find it in the Flash Tool For Xperia zip file.Step 4:Paste the Customization.ini file into the installation folder. The installation folder is the folder named Emmain the installation path give above.Step 5:Start Emma by clicking Start > All programs > Sony Mobile > Emma > EmmaStep 6:Turn off your phone.Step 7:Connect your phone to the USB cable while holding the flash key (Volume down).
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